10 rules for a beautiful hair

10 rules for a beautiful hair

A beautiful hair requires a careful care. Even if nature has provided us already with a rich and beautiful hair, if we e not careful him as is proper, all the inherited qualities will be canceled. It has the importance of the type of hair you have, thin, thick, fine or coarse, as long as you pay attention.

To give your hair a choice care is necessary to understand and to know what kind of hair we have to do, whether it is about the oily hair, dry or normal. Each type of hair needs special products of styling and care, but also of different ingredients, specific. Also, you have to take into account the season in which we find ourselves for such as winter, the hair needs a double protection because of the fact that the cold has the ability to damage the hair much better, and in the summer we need an effective protection against sunlight strong.

For all these problems, there are a few solutions that will make your hair look much more healthy and more beautiful:

  1. Consume healthy foods

The healthy foods are very important for a healthy hair, beautiful nails, but also for a brighter complexion. Besides the fact that we need special products designed for the type of hair that you have, hair grows inch by inch every month, and for a healthy growth is needed and some food to help him in this direction.

- For example, salmon is a food extremely healthy, rich in fat acids, such as Omega 3, vitamin B12, protein, and iron. All of these substances nourish the hair and the scalp, but in particular Omega 3 because in the moment in which the body is deficient of healthy fats, your hair will dry and you will gain a dull appearance.

- The bird meat is rich in protein and gives the hair the necessary resources to rebuild him. In the time in which the hair is protein deficiency, it will be more open to color with a shade or two.

- Beans and lentils are nutritive food, which helps your hair to grow due to the fact that they are rich in protein, iron, biotin and zinc. Also, the deficit of biotin lead to hair breakage and therefore, experts recommend the consumption of this food twice a week.

- the green vegetables, in particular, broccoli and spinach, which are rich in vitamins A and C, necessary for the production of the sebum, which nourishes the root of the hair.

- The nuts are food recommended by nutritionists because they have a rich source of selenium, zinc, Omega 3, and alpha linoleic acid, which restructures the hair fiber and helps the scalp to become healthier.

- The oysters based on a powerful antioxidant, it is about zinc. These are very known for the miraculous effect they have on the hair.

- The dairy based on a fairly large amount of calcium, which helps hair growth, and whey and casein are two protein quality, which helps your hair to become increasingly what more healthy and shinier.

  1. Protects your hair from heat and the sun

The hair is much more sensitive to the sun, so the dry one will become much more porous, and the fat will fatten much faster due to the elevated temperatures which will cause perspiration. With other words, increased temperatures lead to discoloration of hair. To avoid this is necessary to protect your hair through the use of hats or some scarves, but it is best to avoid exposure frequency to the sunlight. In this case, we recommend using products with SPF protection against the strong suns rays.

  1. Use as rarely appliances for styling

Usually, the products that are designed to straighten your hair or curl are considered to be harmful if used for a long period for that the hair will dry more hard, it will degrade to peaks, will lose the shine and will electrify much more quickly. Thus, it is recommended to use in a way as rare with the apparatus of the style, but it is also advisable to use professional tools of the best quality, which protects the hair shaft, in particular, those of a ceramic material.

  1. The shampoo and conditioner need to be changed from time to time

The hair can become immune to certain products that are used for some time, such as the properties of the products are canceled. The specialists recommend us to use and other products for our hair than the usual ones, and if we e not willing to give up to our products, then at least once a week it would be advisable to use another shampoo.

  1. Apply the hair mask for shine and hydration weekly

With the help of some simple ingredients, you can achieve even the home masks to give hair shine. It is about avocado, honey, egg yolk and many others. So oily hair and the dry need different masks considering that the needs are different. So for the hair dry can opt for mayonnaise or avocado, and for oily hair for ingredients such as beer or lemon.

  1. Rinse your hair with cold water

The cold water is most recommended for rinsing hair for as maintain the hydration level of the hair shaft and seal moisture inside the cuticle. Another advantage of cold water is that make the hair more smooth and shinier, while the hot water should be avoided because it removes the essential oils of the scalp, such as it will break much faster.

  1. Brush your hair for more shine

The brushing help very much the hair because the essential oils in the scalp will be distributed evenly over the entire length so that it will become shinier. All brushing help improve circulation in the scalp, which makes the hair grow much faster. It is recommended in this case the use of a brush with natural bristles, which make your hair shinier. Also, by brushing the hair, the thinned and weakened hairs at the root will be removed and will remain the healthy. Brushing hair doesn have to do it in an exaggerated way often for this will lead to breakage of the hairs and the activation of the sebaceous glands, which will help to fatten the hair.

  1. Avoid washing your hair every day

Washing the hair every day is a harmful thing to the hair because it loses more easily of the firmness and becomes much weak, lacking shine and will have a greater tendency of ramming. In if you can not give up this habit, we recommend the use of a shampoo with a lower concentration, that does not affect the structure and texture of the hair.

  1. Trim the tips of the hair regularly

The hair should be trimmed periodically, once in 3 or 5 weeks, depending on how fast it grows. To have a fresh look it is necessary to practice this habit because in this way you will be able to get rid of the tips of the unsightly dried.

  1. Do not use excess product for coloring hair

In the case, you would like to paint your hair, opt for professional dyes because they protect much better the strands of the hair. The professional dyes are made up of moisturizing oils and nourishing, as well as from natural extracts. The repeated discoloration but the dyeing fastness repeated leads to the degradation of the hair, and painting his at 4 or 6 weeks would be made with quality products and also it is advisable to use in this case natural masks that can do wonders, on the basis of essential oils. Besides these face masks, we recommend the use of products intended for dyed hair because they not as aggressive as the other and gives it a greater degree of protection.

If you want to opt for professional products of the highest quality, you will find on Glemis.en very affordable prices the products intended for the hair care from the most famous brands. Whether it is about products for sun protection, appliances hairdressing ceramic, on the basis of negative ions that protects the hair, shampoos, conditioners or masks, professional paint for the best quality, however you can find them at very good prices.

Natural masks for a beautiful and healthy hair

The natural masks are very affordable and can be made with ingredients that you find in the house, without taking up too much time. Regardless of the type of hair you have, whether its about the dry or about the fat hair, the hair should look all the time flawlessly, to be hydrated and have a healthy appearance. Besides all of these rules mentioned above, it is necessary to act from time to time on hair with natural masks. In the following we will see that there are a series of natural masks, that can be prepared in the house, intended both for dry hair and for fat hair.

Natural masks for dry hair

  1. Moisturizing mask with coconut oil

Coconut oil is known as an ingredient extremely effective in solving the problems related to hair or skin. In for hair, coconut oil is very beneficial because it moisturizes in depth the hair and nourishes the completely scalp, so that, before you wash your head it is well to apply a few hours before, on the scalp, as and at the roots or is it better to apply at evening and leave it all night to act, and the second day to wash your hair.

  1. Moisturizing mask with avocado

Considering that avocado contains a considerable quantity of essential fatty acids, it deeply moisturizes the hair, so for a hair mask is just need half of avocado, mixed with 2 tablespoons of olive oil and 2 eggs. This whole composition is applied on hair and let it act as much as possible, then wash your hair and apply the conditioner for extra hydration.

  1. Moisturizer mask with olive oil

For a strong moisturizing mask, opt for olive oil and a yolk of egg, and then wrapped the hair in a foil or in a bag will not stain, and in this way, the nutritive substances will be absorbed completely into the hair shaft. In the case of time will of not allow to sit too long with the mask in the head, then massage the scalp with a little warm olive oil, leaving a few minutes to act, and then will wash your hair.

  1. Moisturizing mask for hair with banana

A combination of ingredients that will leave your hair shiny and with a fresh and healthy appearance is with a banana shake, a tablespoon of honey and a half glass of milk or even less depends on of the consistency desired. This mask leaves it to act for about 15 minutes, and then wash hair with a gentle shampoo and apply conditioner.

  1. Mask hair for hydration with shea butter

The shea butter is a source of natural fat, being obtained from the nuts of the karite tree. The shea butter is extremely moisturizer both for skin and for hair, and for use on the hair recommend melting it in the palms of butter and massaging the scalp, as well as the application his on the split. Let it act for about 15 minutes, and then wash off your hair with shampoo and apply conditioner. It is recommended for curly hair or dry, but and to get rid of dandruff.

Natural masks for oily hair

  1. Hair mask with honey and egg yolk

In order to obtain an effective mask for oily hair, mix two teaspoons of honey with one egg yolk. This mask is applied to your freshly washed hair, from the root, let it act for about 15 minutes, and then rinse.

  1. Hair mask with baking soda sodium bicarbonate

Out of the reach of anyone and being an ingredient highly effective, the sodium bicarbonate is very known for its beneficial effects in treating the oily hair. This, removes impurities from the scalp and reduces excess sebum, such as mix two tablespoons of baking soda with warm water, and then the paste is about 15 minutes on hair, and then rinse it off.

  1. Hair mask with egg yolk and lemon

The lemon is very indicated in treating the oily hair, so for a mask key is need 2 tablespoons of lemon juice with two egg yolks, which apply on your freshly washed hair. Let act 10-15 minutes, and then rinse your hair.

  1. Hair mask with egg, nettle and vitamin B1

Nettle tea is highly recommended for people who have oily hair, so make an infusion of nettles, add then a vial of vitamin B1, and after it cools add a beat egg. Soak your hair in this mixture and the scalp is gently massage and leaves it to act for about an hour, wrapped hair in a towel, and then rinse with warm water.

  1. Hair mask with clay, vinegar and water

This mask is very effective for the fat hair, so that it uses a handful of clay, mixed with a little vinegar and a little water, in equal amounts, let it act for about 10 minutes, and then wash hair with a gentle shampoo.

In the case where you want visible results immediately, try professional products, the specific needs of your hair. On Glemis.en you can find products at competitive prices, designed the needs of the hair. In what follows we will present a few professional masks intended for dry hair.

Professional masks for dry hair

  1. Intense Hydrating Mask from Moroccanoil

This mask has a strong moisturizing effect, being rich in argan oil, which is meant to remedy the dry hair, improves the texture, the elasticity, and the structure, making it easier to arrange.

  1. Nourishing mask - Masque Fondant - Nutrifier Glycerol from Loreal Professionnel

This professional formula does not contain silicone, has a light texture and is enriched with glycerin and coconut oil, giving hair an optimum level of hydration. This mask intensively nourishes your hair and instantly transform the hair fiber, making the hair soft to the touch, more supple, shinier and much more manageable than before!.

  1. Masquintense Irisome - Nutritive from Kerastase

This mask is designed specifically for the hair dry, with a fine structure, and with a structure that is thick and has a capacity to act both on the exterior and on the interior of the hair, and the Irisome complex treats the hair and prepares for the absorption of essential nutrients that you get better and embellishing.

  1. Moisturizing Treatment So Pure from Keune

This is an intensive treatment for dry hair, degraded and porous, which penetrate deep into the structure of the hair to restore the damage caused by dehydration, but also of chemical products, stress and the factors pests to the outside.

  1. Nourishing Mask With Argan Oil from KAYPRO

It is a mask intensively moisturizing with argan oil, for dry hair and dull. It moisturizes the hair, it nourishes in depth and revitalizes, leaving it shiny, silky and easy to arrange.

So, to have a beautiful and healthy hair is good to keep in mind the 10 rules that are essential for the health of the hair. Whether you opt for professional products or for the natural ingredients, our hair must always look impeccable, thats why I have to offer the ingredients and substances necessary.

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