A hair mask can solve all its problems

Besides the fact that a beautiful hair is always a clean one, the hair balm is a "must have" that must not miss from the kit of a woman, no matter if it is summer or winter. In both cases the hair is in need of care intense, considering that on the time of summer your hair is exposed to sun, chlorine, salt water, while during winter your hair is exposed to moisture and cold. Well, in both situations, the hair needs a hair mask or a deep conditioner after each washing.

When we talk about hair care is necessarily to use the top products because they are quality, unlike those in the hypermarkets that do not promise too many things. That is why it is better to choose a shop of professional cosmetics original. In my case, I chose Glemis and are very satisfied. Go to this store every time I need something because I find products for my hair type and for all budgets. Further I propose to give you a few "tips" on the hair masks :

About fine hair

If you e the owner of a fine hair, without texture, which electrifies very quickly and can be styled in any way you have to use a mask proper. I recommend nourishing mask for fine hair – the Oil Light Masque – Fine hair from Loreal Professionnel on Glemis. This mask do wonders for fine hair.

In the same measure, every two weeks you can use a natural mask made from natural ingredients. Banana is the food clean for the hair thin, the egg has protein, which help strengthen the hair, gives shine and volume and the essential oils play a wet look, high gloss and strength from the root.

About dry scalp

Many women are faced with the scalp sensitive and especially with matreața. Well, in this case we have to use suitable products of the scalp. A mask with mayonnaise, avocado and coconut oil you will get rid of this problem. You can also replace coconut oil with olive oil or jojoba and you will get instant itching nasty in the scalp.

As mask professional I recommend one nourishing, Masque Fondant from Loreal Professionnel or the one with the argan oil from the KAYPRO. These masks help to moisturize the scalp and of the hair, with enviable results.

About split ends

Most women face the problem of ends ends, but this does not necessarily mean the cutting of the hair. There are masks with the property to regenerate the hair shaft. You can use moisturizing mask intense nourishing mask for hair degraded called Vital Nutrition Mask from Keune. This mask will repair the deep structure of the hair, giving it an appearance much healthier. You can find Glemis in the amount higher or lower depending on how you budget allows .

Also, the tips of the ends can be fed with yolk of eggs. Proteins give strength to the hair and seal the fiber calilara, the result being a hair rich, shiny and less degraded and brittle.

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