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For hair growth we always have options, but not all have a positive effect in this regard. There are many treatments that cost a lot of money, but I do not promise you miraculous results. The most important thing is to know which are the best products at the current time. For a beautiful and healthy hair you need to choose the professional products and we do not refer necessarily to their cost. In the following we will discuss about a few hair masks that are dermatologically tested and do really wonders at the level of the hair :

We all know that argan oil has more effect than a beneficial effect on the hair. Nourishing mask Nourishing Mask With Argan Oil – KAYPRO nourishes in-depth the structure of the hair, making it silky and easy hair.

If you want to have a shiny hair you can use mask Diamond Illuminating Mask – Semi Di Lino Alfaparf Milano. This mask will give your hair shine, giving an effect of " perfect hair ". You can opt for 200 ml and for the 500 ml. Find Glemis.

Mask anti aging with caviar Anti-aging Seasilk Hair Masque Alterna is very suitable for the prevention of aging hair. With age, not just the skin needs a special care, but also hair. Well, now theres like hair masks suitable for this category of women.

If you have dyed hair, I recommend to use a mask that has the role to amplify the dyed hair called Masque Chroma Captive – Reflection – Kerastase. Your hair will have a look Natural, enviable.

Besides the hair masks from stores of professional products, I recommend natural treatments, with natural ingredients, which help nourish the hair :

The treatment with rosemary is very healthy for hair

The rosemary, so fragrant and so healthy! This plant you make the hair more silky and stimulates the growth of the hair. It is recommended for people who have a thin hair and it breaks very quickly. Mix two tablespoons of dried leaves of rosemary, pounded, with 300 ml of water, after that add this mixture on the whole length of the hair. It is not a treatment fat, so you don have to wash your head. Apply this treatment at least once a week and youll have a healthy and shiny hair.

Also, the treatment with banana leaves hair very silky and visibly healthier. Bananas are a good source of potassium and contain vitamins A, E and C, which make them perfect to be used in treatments for hair growth. You need a banana that a pass, after which apply it on the hair. Cover your hair after you use this mask and let a while for the drive of about 30 minutes. After the mask has acted in your hair, rinse your hair and wash it like you usually do.

Combine professional products to natural ones and the safety of you have the desired effect and a healthy and shiny hair.

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