Age Restore from Wella Professionals

Age Restore from Wella Professionals

Very many people are faced with a dry hair, degraded, vulnerable or with trends of aging. What is it then when the time has no more patience with our hair? Well, due to the external factors and not only, your hair can gain a mature look, which will subsequently lead to the aging. Wella Professionals contains a range of products that it addresses this type of hair. Age Restore, with extract of karite and roiboos, is an ally of grown hair, which strengthens the natural protective barrier of the hair, restore suppleness and, last but not least, rejuvenates the mature hair.

This range contains a technology:

- See – through which youll be able to see a younger hair;

- Touch - youll be able to touch a supple and strong hair;

- Sense – through which it will feel the notes of the luxury fragrance.

Due to the range Age Restore, the hair will come back to life, the hair will look much younger and smoother, and its active ingredients will energize and will revive your hair and the scalp.

The range contains the following products:

The shampoo for a mature hair - Age Restore Shampoo is specifically designed to restore the suppleness of the hair and strong structure, revitalizing the mature hair and leaving it soft. The ingredients in its composition, such as karite, Panthenol, Glyoxylic acid, vitamin E, and the Liquid Crystal technology, leaves the hair soft and supple.

The treatment mask for a mature hair - Age Restore Treatment restore the suppleness of a mature hair with a structure of harsh and degraded. The special ingredients in the which are designed, karite, panthenol and vitamin E leaves the hair silky, supple and very easy to styling.

The regenerating spray for a mature hair - Age Restore Conditioning Spray has a rich formula, made up of two phases, that leaves your hair easy to handle. The active ingredients are karite, panthenol and vitamin E. This spray treatment is very easy to apply, such as shake very well and apply 10-15 pumps on the wet hair, distribute evenly, and then comb. It does not require rinsing.

The ingredients that lie at the basis of these products are extremely useful and beneficial.

- Karite is an ingredient that retains moisture and prevents water loss by forming a barrier on the surface of the hair;

- Panthenol strengthens the hair shaft and hydrates, sealing in the humidity in the shaft hair and avoiding in this way the drying out;

- Glyoxylic acid is an ingredient beneficial because it adjusts the ph of the hair after the coloring process, ensuring the completion of this process and giving best results;

- Vitamin E is an essential organic substance, very recognized for the effect or antioxidant that has against free radicals;

- Liquid Crystal technology - shampoo contains a cationic polymer that forms the layer of liquid crystalline with the system of surfactants. Thus, the liquid crystals are deposited on the surface of the wire of the hair and a change, and this surface modified dyed hair is coming very natural from the point of properties view. New type of polymer forms a kind of veil around your hair and restore its the surface properties of the hair chemically untreated and natural. The agencies care shall be deposited on the hair, sealing in color, so the hair will become flexible, silky and soft.

So, for a look younger, more shiny, softer and more easily arranged, the range Age Restore from Wella regenerates the hair and shes doing her job by the book.
Products in this range are found in salons of hairstyle, but can also be ordered online on Glemis at the best prices.

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