Alfaparf Milano

Alfaparf Milano is a multinational brand with a leading position in coloring, hair care and professional styling products. Alfaparf Group is one of the first cosmetic companies with Italian capital and one of the top international brands. Alfaparf Milano is working with many hairdressers from all around the world. The style is inspired by the capital of fashion, Milan, highlights through the perfection, refinement and care.

The best solutions for hair care

Alfaparf Milano takes care of the consumers needs. This is why the company works with the best operators that belong to certain cultures and different nationalities, going on the premise that Alfaparf Milano provides the best care and beauty solutions. Also, Alfaparf Milano has created a styling and hair care range for men.

A complete range of products

Alfaparf Milano offers a 100% revolutionary treatment  through which the hair will become more resistant, tending to perfection. With Alfaparf Keratin Therapy, the hair will become more resistant and more straight. With this treatment, the hair will be straight, silky and shiny. The product contains no parabens, being tested by the best specialists in the beauty industry and respecting the most stringent standards to the US, also being in accordance with the stages of the EU. This product is suitable for all hair types, including treating and hair coloring. The treatment of hair straightening has guaranteed three months result, combining innovative technology with essential oils and keratin.

Alfaparf Milano shampoos give visible shine! The main ingredients of these products are flax seeds, vitamin E, Omega 3 and Omega 6, that repair the hair from the root, giving it suppleness and maximum shine.

Alfaparf Milano products are specialized in repairing the hair from roots to splits, creating a wide range of products which have the target to repair dry and degraded hair. By offering a wide range of services and products, Alfaparf Milano is the solution for every hair type. Many users have expressed opinions on these products and have been fully satisfied because they contain the main ingredients of which hair needs, exactly: lipids, minerals, proteins and careful ingredients selected to not damage the hair. Outside of improving the quality of the hair, Alfaparf Milano is dedicated to obtain a suitable, natural and attractive color.

For clients who want a natural hair aspect, Alfaparf Milano comes with the right shades of blonde, gold, mahogany, intense red or beige shades, satisfying all the needs. Because of its keratine, Alfaparf Milano protects the hair for a long period of time. With 5 production factories, 23 academies, 300.000 clients all around the world, it is not surprising that Alfaparf Milano has become a trust  name in the beauty industry.

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