All you need to know about the hair conditioner

hair conditioner

Many people do not use hair conditioner, be use it very rarely, or almost not at all. The specialists in hair care consider this product should be part of the hair care ritual for that moisturize the hair, keep him healthy, making it much easier to handle.

What is the hair conditioner and why should we use it?

The conditioner is a cosmetic product consisting of active ingredients, which has a role in nourishing and regenerating amplify the shampoo effect. The substances from which it is made allows the brushing easier hair, restores the structure of degraded hair, making it more supple and easier arranged.

To have a beautiful hair and shiny would be good not to neglect the conditioner for the aggressions from the outside environment degrades pretty cool the hair, no matter if it is about pollution, heat, dryer, wind, frost or styling products.

The conditioner should be chosen and depend on the structure of the hair, so whether we have curly hair, damaged or deprived of vitality, this product us out of trouble most of the times. If the shampoo is choose depending on the scalp, the conditioner should be chosen depending on the type of hair on we have. In other words, regardless of the structure of the hair, the conditioner solve almost all problems of your hair: if it is fine, the conditioner gives more volume, if it breaks, the product makes it more resistant or if the hair electrifies the conditioner it smothers. Choose your conditioner depending on the hair type that you have!

  • The thin hair

The possessors of such hair you need to choose a moisturizer conditioner and to give more volume for the thin hair it is quite difficult, in the sense that it sticks very easy to the head, is devoid of volume and vitality and is very hard to settle for don stand so how you want and leave quickly. The conditioners that contain protein are the best for this type of hair because it removes the excess oil and is less moisturizing, so it needs to opt for the products on the label shall find words like "volume", "balance" or "strengthening".

  • The curly hair or dry

By his nature, the curly hair has a dry structure and he has a tendency to degrade more quickly, so it is necessary to use in this case a powerful conditioner moisturizer. Such as moisture must be maintained at the level of the hair, but the curls should be controlled and very well defined, thats why they recommend the products intended to an intense repair hair or for damaged hair.

  • The normal hair

What does a normal hair? Well, it should be to have a little bit of everything: not too thin and not too thick, you need to have volume and to arrange itself quite easily. The elasticity is not missing in the case of a hair normal and has a velvety appearance. So, the conditioner for this type of hair should be the one to ensure the hair shine and hydration and to be formed from natural oils and active ingredients.

  • The painted hair

This type of hair needs an intense moisturizing and a double protection. A conditioner with UV protection and designed for dyed hair is the best in this regard, and Wella Professionals contains a range of care products specifically for these needs. In this case, are indicated the conditioners which give the color more protection, so that the basis of chamomile or Keratin are the most recommended for extended color fastness.

How to apply the hair conditioner?

The conditioner applies on freshly washed hair and wet, in particular on the length and avoided are the roots because it might create the feeling of oily hair. It is distributed on all the strands with the help of a comb to untangle the hair. Let it act for a few minutes, and then removes with plenty of water because otherwise, traces of the conditioner left on the hair could create the sensation of hair, stuffy and lacking in volume and can occur easier dandruff.

In the case of the dry hair, dyed and degraded, the amount of conditioner you need to be higher, so this type of hair require products based on honey or olive oil, ingredients that have the role of hydrate in depth, add hair, more volume and more a lot of shine.

The oily hair requires ingredients such as chamomile, nettle or lemon, which protect the hair and to provide care conducive.

It is recommended to use the conditioner whenever is the need, once or twice a week, although the recommended is to it use at every wash for an intense hydration. It let it act for a minute in case you dry Natural your hair, but if you use a blow dryer, then let it act about 10 minutes.

On long hair, the conditioner is applied only to the half down or with about 5 inches of the root in order not to gain a fat look, and if the short hair is enough soaking the ends for the conditioner to act properly.

However, a new trend seems to catch everything more tracing. It is about reversing the order of the conditioner and shampoo. So, before you wash your hair, it must be a little moistened, and the conditioner to only apply to the peaks and a very small amount at the root. It must leave to act for about 5 minutes, and then hair rinse and is cleaning, but the amount of shampoo you should not be higher, and then rinse the hair again. But in order not to risk to stick with dehydrated hair and with the unsatisfactory results, the specialists recommend us to use first the shampoo and then the conditioner, but this depends very much on the type of the hair we have.

Natural oils to moisturize the hair

In the case, you e not a follower of the conditioners and you want to opt for natural ingredients, there are a few essential oils that you help to moisturize the hair in depth.

- The coconut oil is extremely known for its Nutritive and moisturizers proprieties. The Indian women have the hair very nice, and thats thanks to a magic ingredient: the coconut oil. This is one of the best oils for hair as following with regular use, it is almost impossible for the hair to degrade, such as it will be healthy and strong much time. It is recommended like massaging scalp about once a week with coconut oil because it prevents the appearance of dandruff and removes the residue, and the length can be applied, leaving to act about an hour because it acts as a conditioner moisturizing.

- The olive oil is extremely nourishing and penetrates very well in the hairs. It moisturizes in depth, also a hair conditioner. The hair will grow much faster through the using this oil because it is composed of active ingredients, as well vitamin E or unsaturated fatty acids. It is applied only to the vertices, is leave it to act for at least an hour or even a whole night, and then rinse your hair with plenty of water and wash well.

- The argan oil – it is one of the most used oils in cosmetic treatments for both the skin and hair. Used on the hair, it beautifies the appearance, replenishes dry hair and degraded, moisturizing it in depth. It can apply both at the root and at the ends by a light massage, letting it act about an hour, then rinse the hair and wash your hair thoroughly.

Myths that are untrue about the hair conditioner

  1. The conditioner gains weight hair – this is a false myth because the conditioner applied correctly, will not lead in any case to the head of hair. It is applied only on length or on the peaks and avoid the root in order not to be left with the feeling that the hair will be oily. Considering that technology has advanced pretty much, the conditioner does nothing to hydrate your hair to give vitality and to make it shinier.
  2. The conditioner, upload your hair – again a false myth because the gel in the composition of this conditioner will fix dry areas on the surface of the hair, without upload.
  3. The conditioner leaves your hair without volume – is another false statement for as new technologies have advanced and are now different, and the conditioner no longer has such an effect on the hair, on the contrary, the role of the conditioner is to moisturize the hair, restore the structure and to act delicately on him to be able to handle it more easily.
  4. The conditioner is used just for dry hair – not just the dry hair needs conditioner, but all the types seem to like this the product is meant to protect the hair shaft, with functions of preventive and repairing, protecting it entirely from external aggression, such be the heat, the styling, hard water or cold.

About the hair conditioner

  1. The hair conditioner has the role to moisturize the hair follicles

Considering that winter degrades quite hard the hair because of the cold, applying the conditioner is a rescue for they seem to like it, applied once a month at the level of the scalp will remove the dead cells and will leave your hair silky, hydrated and shiny.

  1. The conditioner can be used as a styling product

Although it may sound strange, a conditioner without rinsing applied on hair will give a fresh look. In the case, you want to have loops extremely casual, ideal for the days walk to the beach, then apply little conditioner spray on slightly damp hair, and when it will dry, will have a perfect look for the hot summer days.

  1. The hair conditioner does not apply on the roots

Avoid the roots when applying the balm for you may be left with a hair dull and dandruff could occur more quickly. Thats why to apply hair conditioner on the length and on the peaks, and with the help of a comb with rare teeth, distribute the product on all the locks and at the same time, you want to be able to handle the hair.

  1. The hair must not be washed daily

Washing the hair every day could lead to degradation and use shampoo every day might dry out the hair, but even if we don wash our hair every day is good to apply a conditioner spray, without rinse for as it has the role to moisturize the hair and strengthen.

  1. The conditioner that contains silicone, degrades the hair

When we buy the hair conditioner it is good to keep in mind the list of ingredients and avoid the ones that have in the composition of their silicone because they deteriorate the hair shaft.

Professional hair conditioners

In the case, you want to opt for professional products, Glemis is an online store where you can choose the products for any problem you face in regards to hair. Such that professional products don contain very many detergents such as those of the commerce and have a degree of effectiveness much greater. In the following, I will present some conditioners, specially designed for every need of the hair in part.

  • Enrich Moisturising Conditioner for thin hair from Wella Professionals – Thanks, to his formulas, the moisturizes conditioner thin hair, with a smooth texture until the normal, giving it more volume, a delicate care and more shine due to the ingredients of the precious silk and shea butter.
  • Enrich Moisturising Conditioner for coarse hair from Wella Is a product designed specifically for coarse hair, and its formulas deeply moisturize the dry hair, becoming extremely soft to the touch, imparting a delicate care.
  • Conditioner for dyed and thin hair Brilliance Conditioner from Wella Professionals – Moisturizes the hair, gives to the fine hair more volume, leaving a natural look. The dust of the diamond from its composition does wonders for the fine hair and thin.
  • Conditioner for dyed and thick hair Brilliance Conditioner from Wella – This product gives hydration to the dyed hair, but and a vibrant glow and making it extremely pleasant to the touch.
  • Color Recharge conditioners from Wella Professionals – Are specifically designed for warm tones or the cold of the dyed hair, regardless of shade. They refresh the color, a maintaining it beautiful, leaving your hair intensely hydrated and very pleasant to the touch.
  • Revitalizing conditioner without prompting, parabens and dyes - Renewing Conditioner from Wella Professionals – In the case, if you want products with a selection of much more careful of the ingredients, this bio-natural conditioner, plant-based, without parabens, sulfates or dyes help a natural moisturizing of the cuticle, protecting hair color and leaving him very easy to handle.

In conclusion, the benefits of using the conditioner of the hair are extremely many for that the hair will become more silky and healthy will have a natural look, it will become much easier styling and will be totally protected. The conditioner solves the problems of the "behavior" of the hair and thats why it is better to make the correct choice when we choose the conditioner and keep in mind the type of hair we have.

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