All you need to know about the treatment Olaplex

about the treatment Olaplex

The beauty industry was taken by storm by a revolutionary treatment which should be a must have for any person in the moment that you choose to go through the process of staining of the hair. Olaplex is the treatment that promises to leave hair strong and shiny throughout the process of staining, but and after.

Olaplex is a treatment that aims to repair ties disulfide bridges which have been broken because of the coloring process, of the factors of thermal or of the harmful factors from the environment, leaving your hair stronger. Olaplex is found in parlors specialty, but now is found online, and one of the stores for which you can opt is Glemis.

How it works Olaplex?

Olaplex no. 1 and 2 can be used on all colors of hair, which means that when you go to the salon to dye your hair you have to ask and this treatment to protect your hair. Olaplex no. 1can be mixed with a little paint, and then applied on the hair. This mixture is left to dissolve with the paint, and after what happened this thing, and hair is washed, apply then Olaplex no. 2 and left to act for about 20 minutes, and then the hair is washed, samponeaza and apply a moisturizing mask.

Olaplex it is used in almost any salon, and especially if you want to opt for a pretty big change, such as the blonde then don hesitate to use the treatment Olaplex which will make the process Colorarii much simpler, without creating any injury to the hair.

Treatment Olaplex in the salons

Olaplex no. 1 is generally applied to dry hair and is left to act for a time, and then uses the treatment Olaplex no. 2 which must be left to act for about 20 minutes. This facilitates the process of staining of the hair. The hair is then washed and shampooing and apply more then a moisturizing mask.

The treatment lasts about an hour, but then the hair will have an extraordinary look. For a stronger effect, you can purchase Olaplex no. 3 and home, so that it can be applied before an important occasion, and after use, the hair will look extremely well, and the color will be expressed and nuanced.

Treatment Olaplex used at home

There are a number of confusions when it comes to the use of the treatment Olaplex no. 3 at home. It can be ordered online on the Glemis.en or from the wards by specialty and works very well on the hair only if before was applied and Olaplex no. 1 or 2.

Olaplex no. 3 contains ingredients from both the treatment Olapex no. 1, and no. 2 and allows for the repair and maintenance of healthy and strong hair in between the services at the salon for it continue to repair the ties that were destroyed at the level of the structure of the hair. So that you can use and at home by applying a quantity of Olaplex, is distributed with the help of a comb and wrap hair in a towel, and then leave it to act for at least 10 minutes. After the treatment has done its job, your hair needs shampooing and applied, then a moisturizing mask. If necessary, this product can be used several times a week.

Products Olaplex are found on the Glemis. Invest in the health and beauty of your hair!

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