Anesi is an international brand of skin care that was born in Madrid, Spain. With an experience over 40 years in the cosmetic industry, the DRV group has sold products in over 85 countries around the world. Anesi introduced always the most advanced technology and active ingredients of natural origin, classic and effective. The company has proposed from the beginning a full range of cosmetics created specifically to attain all the standards of beauty and wellness. Line of treatments is simple, do it step by step and adapted for each client, using a protocol sensory. So all of these concepts have a single name: Anesi.

The best results are obtained with Anesi

Anesi combine the philosophy of maximum comfort with studied formulas technological closely to provide maximum efficiency. The ingredients are extremely varied, with extracts of marine algae from the influence of the mediterranean, which creates new progress cosmetics and formulas extremely effective. All Anesi products are created in laboratories that are actively working to each formula and uses different methods, depending on the needs of each person.

Anesi is a brand created in Europe that uses the guidelines and requirements of beauty French. Also, put emphasis on a close relationship with the beauticians because they are the persons who know best the needs of the clients, the different types of skin and hence, develop an appropriate treatment.
Anesi image combines the vanguard with classicism, and the receptacles are specifically designed to play back the smoothness and harmony.

Anesi offers a wide range of professional products for skin care. Anesi products are intended for the modeling and the muscle, such as massage oils, creams, gels and lotions include collagen and elastin, essential elements that help in fat burning and weight loss, eliminating at the same time the excess water from the body. Specially designed with herbal extracts, corn oil, soy and sesame Anesi products purifies, regenerates the skin, renew cells, prevent the appearance of stretch marks and increase elasticity.

Anesi creams designed for each skin
type: dry, sensitive, oily, mixed, or aging, having a strong regenerating effect. Anesi cream, formulated for all skin types and designed for especially dry skin provides hydration, maintain water in the pores, strengthens the process of detoxification and gives your complexion. Also, Anesi has created a special cream designed for oily skin or acne, what cure the scars and pimples effectively, reducing imperfections while keeping a hydrated and healthy complexion.

If until now cellulite is a problem, now we can say goodbye to her because Anesi comes with an improved formula which is designed to reduce the visible appearance of "orange peel". With the help of physical exercises and massage with Anesi can get incredible results because the excess water is eliminated.

So, Anesi cellulite cream, due to its ingredients of carnitine and caffeine, lead to dilation of the capillaries, stimulates the lymphatic circulation and remove the fat tissue. With these active ingredients, the cream manages to reduce visible cellulite, while keeping firm and moisturized skin.

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