Ardell is a market leader when it comes to false eyelashes. Ardell False eyelashes were created to emphasize and highlight the natural lashes. For creating a natural and glowing look, Ardell false eyelashes help to create a fabulous look, without to need mascara. It has become a famous brand due to the fact that the emphasis on women's desires to get long amazingly eyelashes, having in its range products for eyelashes and eyebrows care, adhesives of superior quality and accessories for make-up.

Accessorize your eyes with the most beautiful false eyelashes!

Ardell Fashion Lashes are made from human hair, 100% sterilized. These strips are reusable and very easy to apply, and each set comes in a perfect box that can be used several times. False eyelashes come in 35 different styles (black or brown) and fit everyone. Ardell false eyelashes 120 are beautifully arched, mounted on a tape transparency, providing a natural-looking, curved, and can be used both day and night. For a natural and dramatic look, these false eyelashes add a thin layer of natural lashes, without play a loaded aspect, being extremely comfortable and made of 100% natural hair.

Ardell set of false eyelashes meet the needs of all women to have longer eyelashes and beautiful eyes that attract everyone's eyes. A captivating look says more than words, and if nature was not so generous with everyone, Ardell false eyelashes come in completing this work. Ardell set of six pairs of false eyelashes is extremely comfortable offering a lush beauty that attracts many glances.

In the same range take part Ardell Demi Wispies Natural false eyelashes that add a tremendous amount and a seductive look. They are reusable, are easy to use and extremely affordable. Having a superior quality, false eyelashes Ardell Demi Wispies Natural come in a box which keeps it in a hygienic way lashes that can be reused. They are used in the salons by many professionals in the art of makeup but can be used at home because they fit all the categories of eyes, regardless of color, shape or size.

Ardell Adhesive for eyelashes offers first of all safety as there is no possibility that the false eyelashes fall in the most important moments. No matter how beautiful they are eyelashes, they require a glue as to put them out. Considering that these false eyelashes are used in the salons perfume have the best quality and the adhesive is water-resistant thanks to its liquid formula which returns later gummy in contact with air.

Eyebrows are the most important and versatile features of the face because it gives a plus of personality and offers a harmonious balance and aesthetic of the face, that's why you have to be impeccable and groomed properly. Such as Ardell eyebrows provide a natural look by shaping perfect eyebrows and define them.

More beautiful and defined eyes shaped, just with the help of Ardell that are available at an accessible price to anyone.

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