From the many brands of skin care, Babor is one of the few that can boast extremely safe products for the skin that provides protection. They are designed in ingredients of natural origin, all the Babor products care being dermatologically tested in the same manner as 50 years ago, when he was founded. Optimized for a perfect level of the skin ph, Babor products are used by the best spas in the world, and now you can pamper your skin at home with success. 

Safe, natural and simple. These words describe the perfect collection of the skin care Babor. To simplify the selection products, Babor has created distinct lines of products designed for all skin type.

Visible results with Babor

Doctor Babor skin  colection contains products that help the skin to keep younger, restoring such confidence. The line includes Biogen Cellular products which protects the skin from external oxidant or the stresses and Derma Cellular offers brightness and elasticity.

Women with extremely sensitive skin can use with confidence natural products to get rid of this effect, but Babor offers Baborganics range that works perfectly in this regard.

This range of skin care contains organic ingredients 100% which does not affect the skin.

Protecting the skin and maintaining natural is the main task of the Babor products.
Offering formulas of care, based on the holistic concepts, of more than 50 years of intense research, the Babor range uses the best ingredients. In this range belong to the creams of the day, the cleaning solutions, night creams, moisturizers, eyes products, toners, solutions anti-aging and treatments.

Babor for younger skin

As we age, the skin begins to suffer a few changes not very pleasant, and the goal is to restore vitality with the help of the formulas rich offered the complete line of Babor products. Through a concentrated complex of vitamins, Babor Multi Active Vitamin Fluid improves the structure of the skin, repair tissue and restores elasticity. B5 and E vitamins strengthen tissue, enhance the vitality and fight against free radicals.

By applying a night cream, it stimulates the regeneration of skin cells through the use of the advanced formula Cream Babor Vita Balance night. Created especially for people with a dry skin, this creamy formula regulates the level of lipids, skin hydration and revitalizing it. For a smoother skin and a lifting effect in the eyes area, Babor HSR Lifting Extra firming fight against wrinkles that it creates around of eyes and helps to maintain elasticity.

Skinovage range is extremely efficient because offers individual solutions for daily care of dry or sensitive skin, with spots or with the needs of regeneration. So in this range, are found products for all skin types.

Babor Cleanser cleans the skin in depth, being the key to a brighter and for a beautiful skin. Most of the products make their effect more quickly and more efficiently if the skin is perfectly cleaned, so, all Babor cleaning products contain soothing ingredients and moisturizers. Careful selected products based on spring water from Aachaen, Germany represents the main minerals needed by the human body.

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