Bruno Vassari

Bruno Vassari brand was founded in 1984 by a specialists group in the industry of cosmetics. This group was inspired in the creation of the brand to the classic Italian Giorgio Vasari, a famous painter, sculptor, and architect of the century XVI. All in the spirit of professionalism and of art, this group has created a brand intended for beauty and skin care.

Active ingredients of these products include hyaluronic acid, amino acid, Omega CH and peptides of copper designed to improve elasticity and skin tone, hydration and leaving it soft. Also, they are intended and filling fine lines with collagen. The main antioxidant used is oil from the seeds of grapes, used as anti-inflammatory. Bruno Vassari products are known and formed from natural ingredients and not contain sulfates. Anti-wrinkle cream can be applied before makeup, in the morning or in the evening, in other words, any time of the day.
Regenerates and fortifies the skin
Bruno Vassari Skin Comfort is intended in particular for sensitive skin or with a fine texture. They react quickly to heat and cold, therefore, the skin is protected from sunburn or cold. Dry skin, delicate and prone to allergic reactions, can suffer from irritation, leaving red and swollen. This range of products help to reduce the sensitive skin, soothes and increases hydration.

The products are formed from a vegetable extract complex, such as: lavender, linden, marigold or chamomile, complex moisturizer and shea butter, all these helping to strengthen immunity of the skin, the moisturizing and soothing.
Bruno Vassari Pure Soluton Range help oily or acne skin, open pores, giving a mattifying look. Salicylic acid in its composition, remove dead cells and balance the sebaceous glands. The extract of peanut soothes irritated skin, reduces and prevents the appearance of black spots, and sodium hyaluronate gives a moisturizing strong skin.

The products of the range
Whitening skin gives a luminous skin, uniform complexion, reduce the appearance of stains and balance the cells of melanin. So, they contribute in an effective way at whitening the skin thanks to the C and E vitamins, which act as well an antioxidant and an illuminator perfect skin.

 The AHA range is formed in particular from glycolic acid obtained from sugarcane. What do these products? Well, regenerates and moisturizes the skin in depth, eliminating dead cells. So after use, skin is reborn and after obtain a younger, smoother and refreshing skin.

 Bruno Vassari Sun Defense meets all the characteristics of the ideal sunscreen cream, because it protects the skin from the UV rays, against sunburn and premature aging.

 Bruno Vassari Anti-Stress Range is extremely beneficial for a chaotic life and stressful because exposed skin of such factors will become more dry and decay, so the products in this range moisturizes the skin, regenerates and prevents the appearance of wrinkles, thanks to A and E vitamins.

The products of the range Body Which gives the skin a younger look thanks to the marine algae or glycolic acid which exfoliates, removes dead skin, moisturizes and gives firmness skin. In this range take part products for weight loss, such as terractive cream for slimming Thermo-Active Bruno Vassari cream or gel with the effect weight loss Slim Effect Gel-Body That Bruno Vassari.

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