Causes of hair loss: solutions and treatments

Causes of hair loss

Very many women are faced with the hair loss, and with thinning hair face more and more people, no matter as it is about women or about men. Hair loss has negative consequences for that can lead to a lack of self-confidence, depression or anxiety. It is true that it is absolutely normal to fall between 50-100 strands per day, but in the moment in which we feel that we fall a lot more, then you should take measures in this regard.

The causes of hair loss

  1. Stress

The stress can cause the sudden falling of the hair, such that an emotional problem yes head over the normal rhythm of hair and produce disorders at the level of the life cycle of the hair so that it doesn-and more respect the process of growth, rest, and regeneration. Once you got out of that strong stress, the hair will resume the normal cycle of life and will not fall as much.

  1. Lack of iron

According to a study, one in 10 women are faced with anemia due to the iron deficiency in the body, and very many people do not even realize this. To find out if these are short of iron sitting at the base of the hair loss is better to make a set of tests. In the case of this is confirmed, advise administration of supplements on the basis of iron, but also foods rich in iron and minerals.

  1. The deficiency of protein

If in the body are not sufficient protein, then the hair growth is slow and automatically and the regeneration is stopped. Of that is why it is a good idea to include in the diet more foods on the basis of protein, such as meat, eggs, fish or beans.

  1. The suddenly slimmer

The women who keep all kinds of diets or that get starve herself can give head over the body so that the body does not will have the intake of vitamins and essential minerals. Until the body does will replenish the stock of nutrients, this means about 6 months, the hair will go back to normal.

  1. The pregnancy

After the pain borne from birth, some women can fight with the hair loss, but fortunately, this is not a permanent problem one because once you get over the shock of childbirth, the hair will regain his form.

  1. Genetic causes

If in the family there have been such cases of hair loss, then it is possible that this problem to be transferrable. If in the case of men, baldness occurs more quickly, the women face first with thinning hair, breakages, and then with the fall hair. Luckily, there are in this case different solutions that stop the hair loss and leading to the regeneration of his.

  1. The lazy thyroid

The Hypothyroidism can be one of the causes of hair loss for in this case are not produced enough hormones that help the metabolism, so this will lead to hair loss. The most recommended in this case is to go to will perform a set of tests, and then to follow a drug treatment to restore the hormonal balance.

  1. The Alopecia

The Alopecia is a medical term used for hair loss. It can cause diseases both at the level of the scalp and in the other regions of the body. This affection can lead to hair loss, thinning, and balding total or partial.

  1. The infections

Who experiencing with hair loss?

Very many people, millions of people are experiencing with hair loss, and some hair falls out and grows back without to do something about it, but most of the times, this problem requires determining the cause of loss, and for this, you should consult a dermatologist doctor.

Recommendations to treat the hair loss

- Avoid shampoos with many chemicals – you can opt for the ones made in the house, on the basis of active ingredients and natural or for professional ones because they don contain so many detergents such as those of commerce.

- Avoid the synthetic supplements – the drugs taken by our head to make us sorry, so it is better to go to a specialist doctor when require taking the medication or we can opt for the herbal and for eating food rich in vitamins and nutrients.

- Apply natural masks – the natural masks made with ingredients that are found in the home can give results, that is why it is good to do masks once a week for 2-3 months.

- You have to care what you eat – would be better if you adopt eating without sugar in one week, and in another week without bakery products, and subsequently a week without animal products, and in this way, you will be able to see how it will behave the body and your hair. In this time you might consume vegetable roots, fruits, veggies, and green juices.

- Eat nuts – they contain a considerable amount of selenium which effectively fights against the loss hair.

Natural treatments for hair loss

Natural treatments that fight with the hair loss, have been a subject of interest since ancient Egyptian times when women were made different combinations of herbs to treat this problem. So now you can make different treatments that may have extremely good results and which lead to the disappearance of this trouble.

  1. Hair mask with olive oil and egg yolk

One egg yolk, two tablespoons of olive oil and a few drops of lemon could represent a mixture quite effective against hair loss, so massage the scalp with this mask, leave it to act for about an hour, cover the hair with a towel, and then wash very well your hair, with shampoo and apply conditioner.

Olive oil is an ingredient extremely beneficial used and in other treatments for hair, such as it is recommended massaging the scalp and even in the evening, and the next day wash your hair.

  1. Mask with garlic

Another effective mask is one with 2-3 cloves of garlic, a tablespoon of castor oil, 3 teaspoons of honey, 5 teaspoons of olive oil and 3 egg yolks. This mask is applied in the evening and let it act on during the night, and in the morning wash your hair thoroughly with shampoo.

  1. Castor oil

A mask consisting of castor oil, olive oil, and egg yolk might do wonders for their hair. Apply the mask to the hair root, let it act for about 40-50 minutes, and then wash off the hair.

  1. Hair mask with hot peppers, burdock, and nettles

These ingredients are extremely effective against hair loss, such as a tincture made of these ingredients would be very useful. With this tincture massage the scalp, and in the morning wash your hair with shampoo and apply a hair conditioner because the tincture will let the hair more harshly.

  1. Onion juice with garlic or ginger

The fresh juice of onion, garlic or ginger is a treatment extremely effective so that the juice is applied on the scalp, let it act about 30 minutes, and then wash your hair with shampoo. All these ingredients have an anti-inflammatory action, improve blood and prevent the thinning and breakage of the hair.

  1. Infusion of rosemary, sage and aloe vera

These 3 ingredients stimulate the hair growth, and the infusion applied to the scalp leave it on for about an hour and then rinse your hair with warm water.

  1. Coconut oil, jojoba, argan oil and olive oil

These oils stimulate the hair growth, and a little oil heated, applied on the scalp it could do wonders for the hair. They let it act for about an hour, and then wash your hair.

  1. The horseradish

Two or three tablespoons of grated horseradish with that massage vigorously the scalp for 4-5 minutes, can do wonders for the hair for these stops the hair loss. Cover the hair with a plastic wrap, and after about 15 minutes wash hair with a gentle shampoo on the basis of plants.

  1. Chamomile and walnut

These two ingredients cleanse the fine hair because the hair loss is caused by seborrhea, these two herbal cleanse very well and prevent the appearance of seborrhea. The tea infusion of walnut leaves or chamomile helps in hair growth, and after it was applied to this mixture on the hair, wash well.

  1. Treatment with propolis

An ointment based on propolis stimulates the growth hair. Propolis tincture or ointment used on the scalp through a massage help very much the hair and will prevent his fall.

Fever, the bacterial infections, the fungal infections of the skin or the alopecia, all this leads to thinning of hair, and then to his fall. This problem requires treatment of the infection for the hair to resume the normal cycle of growth, and thus it will avoid the future loss his.

  1. Syndrome of polycystic ovaries

This problem leads to hair loss for as this syndrome leads to increased levels of androgen hormones, which stimulates growth in weight, disorders menstrual, infertility, increase the risk of diabetes, all these can lead to hair loss and his growth in other areas of the body, less on the head. The drug treatment, in this case, is the most recommended physical exercises, a proper diet, as well as medicines that decrease the risk of infertility, diabetes or birth control pills.

Professional treatments against hair loss

In case you want immediate results and long term, use professional treatments that do not contain so many harmful chemicals. They can be ordered even on the Glemis.en at the prices quite affordable. Below are a few products that you would be able to help:

  1. Nioxin is a brand that contains professional products that effectively fight against the hair loss. Regardless of the rhythm of the falling of the hair, the more pronounced or more discreet, Nioxin put at your disposal 6 systems based on a care advanced, treats the scalp and let your hair more often and thicker.

- Nioxin System 1 – is designed especially for the natural hair, with a fine structure and fight against the loss of the normal hair.

- Nioxin System 2 – is designed all for the natural hair, with a fine structure and fight against the excessive loss of the hair.

- Nioxin System 3 – intended for chemically treated hair with a fine structure and fight against the loss of normal hair.

- Nioxin System 4 is achieved for chemically treated hair, with a fine structure and fight against the powerful loss hair.

- Nioxin System 5 – is designed for chemically treated hair, with a structure of medium to thick and the fight against loss normal hair.

- Nioxin System 6 – it is intended for nTatural hair and chemically treated, with a structure of medium to thick and the fight effective loss strong hair.

  1. Joico – products from the range Cliniscalp fight effectively against the loss hair, being designed both for a breakdown, normal hair and for one excessive. These products effectively cleanse the scalp, protects the hair of harmful agents from the outside and help raise the level of oxygen in the area of the scalp, providing a dose wholesale of nutrients for hair follicles and last but not least, stopping the hair loss.
  2. Keune - So Pure Energizing is a special range, which stimulates the growth hair, being without sulfates and parabens. Products in this range are designed for all hair types, stimulates the blood circulation and have a positive effect on hair growth. This gives the hair a natural shine, more volume, and a healthy appearance.
  3. LOréal Professionnel of the range Density Advanced contains products of high quality, specifically designed for fine hair, and damaged and fight effectively against hair loss. This regenerates the hair, improve the blood circulation in the scalp, feeding the hair the roots and stimulating the cellular activity, regenerating thus the density of the hair.

So, the hair loss, both in women, and the men can be treated with natural methods or professional, extremely effective in this problem, but if the problem persist, and the causes are much more serious, then it is necessary to consult a specialist.

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