Change your hair color without damaging

Change the color of your ha

You are on the point of repaint? If you want to bring a change in the hue of hair do you recommend to turn to a professional or to use professional products. Before dyeing your hair would have to be subjected to the steps through which to avoid burning abusive. That is why it is advisable to go to a salon of beauty. Also, after you dye your hair you need to take care at certain factors which can cause damage to its color.

In the first place, no matter if you go to a professional or not, don try to you open or close the shade of your hair more than 2-3 tones. In the moment In which you decide to coloring hair, you should know that any opening too sudden will have serious repercussions for the hair.

If you e one of those people who choose to dye your hair at home, Ill recommend a few tricks and products that will help you dye your hair successfully, but also to keep the color alive as much as possible.

Do you want to dye your hair at home all alone ? You have enough skill to do this ? If the answer is affirmative, you should invest in the professional dyes that are used in the salon. For example, you can find different brands of paints with or without ammonia at Glemis. Choose to buy what is best for your hair and so you will be sure that this will not have so long suffered. In addition, all of here you can purchase and the famous Olaplex, a treatment that aims to restructure the hair shaft, negating the effects of chemicals in paints for hair. Olaplex is a product that is used in general in the salons of beauty, but I can use you, even to keep at home.

Also, if you want the hair dye that you keep as much weather you will need your hair to be more careful of the way you treat your hair. For example, after painting is no longer advisable to use so much products with the intake of the heat : plate, curling iron, hair dryer etc. The biggest dangers for hair but there are plate straighteners, curling iron and curlers electric. If possible, avoid the jet of hot air of a hair dryer. Following exposure to warmth, the hair is electrifies, and the risk of breaking or occurrence of split ends is much higher.

Hydration is very important after the process of painting, If you want your hair to look healthy you will have to use a conditioner without rinsing and hair mask. At the end of the first week after painting, apply a moisturizing hair mask for dyed hair. Even if you use and other products for the hair shine, hydration provided by a mask secures a more beautiful look of the hair. This tip is especially important for redheads, because the hair painted in shades of red can lose the most easy brilliance.

So, the coloring of hair is not a mission impossible if you know how to do it and if you use the right products. In addition, you will need to lock and protect the hair of some of the factors that can preserve the beauty.

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