CHI products are known for an innovative technology, made by the most skilled specialists in the hair care. CHI offers the entire package of care, protecting the hair from various styling products that attack the hair. Farouk Shami founded in 1987 the CHI brand for all hair types, from the straight, up to the wavy or curly, going on the premise "Education, environment, and ethics".

This brand revolutionized the market of hair style because has offered the first hair color without ammonia, being most often, the favorite brand of the celebrities in Hollywood, celebrities such as Rihanna, Megan Fox, Jessica Alba or Avril Lavigne.

Intended for all hair types

CHI products are beneficial to any hair type, so the shampoo and conditioner do wonders for all categories of hair.
The CHI shampoo it is for both for men, and for women too, having in his composition the ingredients of a superior quality. CHI is meant to respond in an affirmative manner to all hair types, including unruly hair to smooth and give shine and suppleness. Also, it is meant to help colored hair to protect the color for a long time, treating him, hydrating it and giving it shine a long time.

CHI is a shampoo specifically designed to protect your hair from the UV rays that cleanse gently the hair without disrupting dye process. The hair products from the salons include a moisturizing shampoo, such as CHI Luxe Thirst Relief, and for a perfect balance of the hair, the CHI Deep Brilliance Balance shampoo is the ideal choice.

CHI Keratin shampoo combines the power of natural keratin with essential nutrients, such as jojoba oil, argan oil, and innovative technology Keratrix which offers protection full of hair. This compound extremely sophisticated, protects natural keratin, improving dramatically the elasticity of the hair and successfully prevents its breakage, adding them at the same time intense moisturizing and shine.

Shampoo with argan oil is a naturally derived, consisting of a mixture of  argan oil, moringa oil, and composite ceramic which gives a luxury hair care, being intended in particular of damaged hair. This system infiltrates the scalp with all vitamins and oils nutrients , allowing the hair to become more elastic and natural.

 The CHI conditioner for both women as well as men is found in a variety of forms, giving hydration in depth of each hair type. Conditioner designed specifically for dyed hair, CHI Ionic Color Protector System has the ability to maintain color and brilliance hair coloring and CHI Enviro Smoothing smoothes curly hair, rebellious or dry, giving them more control and more moisturizing. So, the hair will become more fortified, shiny and easier to arranged, without too a lot of trouble.

CHI Farouk Royal is an extraordinary treatment, comprised of white truffle and pearls, intended for all hair types has an easy texture and restores with confidence degraded hair, and feeds don't upload. This combination of ingredients help your hair and scalp from all points of view.

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