Common mistakes of make-up

Common mistakes of make-up

The first impression always matters, but what do we do if we present at a meeting with some of the mistakes of makeup which instead of us put the beauty in the obvious, we grow old much? We all make mistakes, but fortunately, there are a few tips that you should keep in mind when we apply makeup on the face.

  1. Stretching the area around the eyes to achieve smokey eyes
  2. Why is it wrong? Because besides the fact that the skin around the eyes can lose their elasticity, the risk to get some uneven lines is quite high.

    Although there are all sorts of tricks that are circulating on the internet about how you can apply the Eyeliner, it would be better to opt though for templates, specifically designed for this type of makeup that will help you to draw the perfect lines and besides that, the skin around the eyes will be saved because you will not have to pull it, keeping it like this elasticity.

  3. Apply pencil all over the surface of the eyebrows
  4. When we trace the lines quite large and thick on the surface of the eyebrows, it is possible to wake up like getting out of the house with a form totally unnatural and with painted eyebrows, which doesn fit absolutely at all with the shade of hair. So, when it comes to nuances of the eyebrows, it would be best to be careful which is the eyebrow which has the greatest need of the pencil, or that she has certain goals, be that it is less arched, so, then you will be able to outline and the other much more simple. In this case, you should start to draw lines from the inner corner of the eyebrows, I mean where the start of the eyebrow and up to the highest point, but you don have to cross the natural line of the eyebrows. Then, continue to draw thin lines to where it begins to descend, lines that have to be a little more pronounced, but the shade has to be in tune with the hair. Use a special toothbrush for eyebrows and dull color, so that they will seem more full.

  5. Apply too much blush on the face
  6. The pink shade that you apply on the cheeks is to emphasize the delicate features, not to stand out the color for that in this way, you will seem a few years older and avoid to apply the blush on the bottom of cheekbones. What do you need to do? You need to know first of all what kind of shade suits you, so that you can opt for browner tones if you have a darker skin color or the pink if it is light. It is recommended to use a contouring brush and application of color only on the cheekbones and on the sides of the face. In this way, the face will be very well delineated and youll have a look at the old lady. Also, the specialists in beauty tell us that the red or brown stressed will make you seem drawn to the face in case you e lean, and if you don, youll look like a clown, so choose a shade of neutral pink which would benefit any skin tone.

  7. Using too much foundation
  8. Many times it happens to get that aspect of the mask on the face and this is due to the fact that the foundation is not chosen as must, be that the shade is too dark or too light, or you don keep in mind the type of skin we have. Also, the appearance of the mask occurs and then when not making the move on the face on the neck or when not in uniform so how we have in the area of the forehead, at the hair roots. You can opt for a foundation skin moisturizer if you have a dry skin or a foundation thats more powdery in case you have an oily skin, but before applying it use some face cream, leave it to act for about 10 minutes, and then continue the ritual of beauty because in this way, the makeup will snap much better.

  9. Apply concealer in excess
  10. Even if you want to cover your pimples and you think as a greater amount of concealer could help you more, this its totally erroneous to that used in excess, concealer website doesn do anything else than to load the skin and to get even more out pimples.

  11. Apply powder on areas that have fine wrinkles
  12. In general, the powder is used for the T-zone, I mean on the forehead, nose, and chin to reduce the excess oil, so that, if an apply and in other areas, the skin might look too dry and you could accentuate the wrinkles, which is why it is best to avoid the eye area.

  13. Mascara in excess on the lower lashes
  14. It is avoided to use Mascara on the lashes lower because this could accentuate any imperfection, but and every wrinkle in the side, so it would be best, in this case, to use a black Mascara only for the upper lashes and to avoid Mascara very dense and thick for as it will not be able to separate the lashes properly and there is a risk of falling, which will give you an old appearance.

  15. Use the black pencil on the lower eyelid
  16. The black pencil is better to use it only on the upper eyelid to that used on the lower eyelid will not do anything else than to make the eyes look smaller and draw attention to dark circles or wrinkles.

  17. Don apply eye shadow in the right way
  18. The eye shadow should not be applied to the entire eyelid, but only in the corners of the external. It can be combined with a light shadow which must be used in the internal corner of the eye and a darker blush in the outer corner.

  19. You don choose the right lipstick

The dark lipsticks don fit everyone, and if you apply without to fit, then this might be your age and more because your lips will seem thinner. Don you upload your lips with dark shades and very bright, opt rather for light colors and vivid, such as a shade of pale pink might be suitable for anyone because in this way you will create the feeling of larger lips and more full. Also, in this case, you can use a pencil for lips without color to maintain more than the intensity of the lipstick on the lips. It is found at specialized shops, and one of these stores is Glemis.

Rules that you need to keep in mind to skip the right makeup

Before we apply on face makeup products, first of all, you should keep in mind a few rules that will help us to have a complexion more luminous and a makeup that fits perfectly with the outfit.

- Clean the complexion

Before any procedure, it would be best to catch the hair in a ponytail to have the face available for application of makeup products. Apply a cleanser and then a little moisturizer cream for that complexion to be well prepared before applying other products.

- Choose a right foundation

The foundation that you use must be one of quality, and to not load unnecessarily the complexion, so that you can choose a creamy texture and you can apply both on the face. And on the neck, with the moves circular with a sponge or with your fingers, but first of all, you must take into account the shade of your complexion.

- Apply a concealer

The role of the concelear is to cover the imperfections or pimples and to cover the fine wrinkles or the dark circles, but you must be careful when you choose them because they have to be with two tones lighter than the base foundation.

- Use a powder

The translucent powder is the most recommended, such as you can apply it with a brush to brighten the complexion, but the most indicated would be to use it in the T-zone.

- Choose a Mascara that to not load the lashes

Uses a Mascara right for you to not load the lashes and to not miss, but use a mascara that you elongate your lashes and give th


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