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Wella Professionals Color Recharge

Most of the times we paint the hair because we feel the need for a change or do we want to put out your features. With all this, however, the hair must be cared for properly, with treatments created particularly for every need in part.

Besides the fact that the hair has to be cleaned the band, it needs and hydration and hair conditioner would have to be part of the routine hair care. Why do we need a hair conditioner? For that, it helps to maintain a healthy, vibrant, shiny appearance, full of vitality and very easy to handle.

A beautiful and healthy hair needs conditioner

More than that, in the case of a fine hair, the conditioner gives more volume, in the case of a frizzy hair, the conditioner it tames, and if it breaks, this treatment it strengthens. As it happens in these cases, the conditioner is essential and in the case of a painted hair, the conditioner keeps the color of the fresh, intense and bright.

Wella Color Recharge Which is a range for the painted hair, with both warm tones and cool tones. This range is formed of the three technologies:

  1. See – is a Magnetic Color technology that stored effective and smart color pigments.
  2. Touch – gives your hair a silky appearance, thanks to the advanced technology of care.
  3. Sense – represents the feminine fragrance, floral, fresh and refreshing.

The products of the range Wella Professionals Color Recharge for the cold tones or warm tones

Products in this category balances the color through the infusion of pigments warm or cool blond. This neutralizes the effects of yellowing of the color. Through the advanced technology of care, the hair becomes much easier to comb and will not be at all loaded, and the notes of the female fragrance are some floral, on the basis of rose and lily of the valley, but and notes captivating sandalwood or vanilla.

Wella Professionals Color Recharge Conditioners

The Magnetic Color technology stored effectively the color of the pigment positively charged, they storing in the areas of the porous ends of the hair in a sufficient amount to equalize and to keep the multidimensional color contrast. The hair will become silky to the touch, thanks the advanced technology of care, which contains a special combination of nourishing ingredients and a delicate care from a flexible film around of the hair and protects it against the aggression of external factors.

The conditioners from Wella Color Recharge refreshes and maintain the vibrant color of the hair, this being protected up to 2 times more time. Also, it creates multidimensional contrasts, a delicate care of dyed hair and applies the extremely simple, without stain palms or the towel. The conditioners apply to damp hair and distribute evenly, leave it to act for 3-5 minutes, and then rinse your hair thoroughly.

The conditioners in the range Color Recharge:

  1. Warm Blonde Conditioner is a conditioner created for warm tones of blond and helps maintain the natural hair or dyed blond. It maintains and refreshes the tones of multidimensional color, leaving your hair intensely hydrated and pleasant to the touch.
  2. Cool Blonde Conditioner is specifically designed for cold tones of blond and silver, and with the help of pigments of color, it prevents the yellowing natural hair or painted.
  3. Warm Red Conditioner is a conditioner designed for warm tones of red;
  4. Red Conditioner refreshes the cool tones of red;
  5. Cool Brunette Conditioner is a conditioner for the cold tones darker color: cool tones of brown or dark tones of the color;
  6. Warm Brunette Conditioner is created especially for the warm tones dark color: warm brown tones or warm tones dark in color;
  7. Cool Brunette Conditioner is created specially for the cold tones darker color: brown cold or cool tones dark.
These conditioners can be ordered on Glemis.en at very good prices and have the effect of brilliance, vitality, a hair more soft and vibrant colors.

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