Designed in Uk, the Denman products are used in more than 60 countries around the world, in professional salons who ensure the best results. The first Denman brush was invented in 1938 by John Denman Dean which has been produced in 60 salons thanks to a special technique that dry out and arrange the hair at the same time.

Denman produces today over 400,000 of brushes every month and continues to work with top salons hairstyle and barber shop, launching in permanent innovative professional tools.

Denman brushes

Featuring a wide range of brushes, Denman meet all hair types, including the brush for volume and styling, and the brush that makes the perfect curls, glowing. Such as the brush 7 Row Classic Styling is the resistance to heat and chemicals, it is antistatic, rubber, hygienic and durable.

Brushes are provided at the end with the rubber cushions that allow maximum grip and control for smoothing and shaping hair. The brush penetrates easily, without tearing your hair, giving it the optimum conditions for styling. This is perfect for long and medium hair which is difficult to arrange.

The Denman Silver Squargonomic round brush for styling is made of natural bristles of a wild boar, soft, not scratch the scalp, gives the hair more volume and is effective at straightening the hair, making it ideal for medium or long hair. It does not break the hair, managing to leave it velvety to the touch.

Also, the Denman roller brush is extremely efficient, being made of ceramic, evenly distributes heat at the level of the hair, giving it luster hair and a thorough care. The resulting curls are extremely successful, but can also be used to straightening hair. The Denman brush is designed to glide through the curly hair to untangle the hair and to define curls.
Denman brushes handle effectively wet hair, allow for rapid drying, accelerating drying with the blow-dryer, allowing the hot air to circulate from the root to split.

Denman classic brush is extremely versatile, gives more volume to the hair and finished the hair, gaining a crystal shine.

So, the Denman professional brushes are of a superior quality and are ideal for the realization of the most sophisticated hairstyles.