Depilève is number 1 in systems by professional wax, available in 87 countries from all around the world. Depilève goes on the premise that a system of professional waxing should be to provide high-quality cosmetics, as well as the best treatment of removing hair.

Depilève features an innovative system of depilation with hot wax, and the most popular systems of Depilève wax are the ones with the hot wax shattered which are generally used for the facial areas, underarms or the bikini line due to the consistency of their malleable. Also, Depilève benefits from a range of creams that reduce the rate of growth hair, but also of products designed for the skin after the process of epilation.

Depilève - success, prestige and quality

Depilève Wax is one of the easiest methods used to get a beautiful skin. Such as the wax leaves a smooth skin, without a trace of growth hair, the appearance of being a natural one and surprisingly. Depilève Wax is a unique product on the basis of paraffin, created specifically for professional salons , but also for use at home.

Traditional Depilève wax is the perfect choice for a sensitive skin, such as this type of wax is used without the paper waxed. Traditional wax with olive oil melts in a metal container or in a decanter and is applied using a spatula. Is not necessary the strips of waxed.

The Depilève decanter it is meant to warm up the wax in a professional manner, being indispensable in a beauty parlor that offers services of waxing with traditional wax. It melts and filters the wax, warming her in a way that is effective, being suitable for all wax types.

Traditional wax elastic has in its composition of beeswax and rosin, has a high quality because it does not burn in contact with the skin and is not brittle because it has a melting point low of about 50 degrees C. The elastic wax is renewable, leaving a smooth and silky skin and it is indicated in case of sensitive skin, used especially in the groin area where hair removal has to be accomplished in a delicate manner.

For a smooth and soft skin, waxing with traditional wax, removes dead cells from the skin's surface, leaving it smooth and pleasant to the touch. In other words, waxing with traditional wax has long-lasting results from two to three weeks. So, this type of epilation is one economical and can be performed both in salons and at home and is done at any moment of the year. Traditional waxing remains one of the favorites of all women, regardless of their status, financial situation or culture.

Depilève is the ideal choice for a more smooth, soft and radiant skin because it does not irritate the skin and the mode of application is quite simple: the wax will heat up until it will become liquid, apply it with a spatula, but do not require strips because hair is removed by plucking.

Depilève takes care of your skin!

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