Discoloration without deterioration? Yes, it can!

Discoloration without deterioration?

You made the mistake to dye your hair brunette and now you want to come back to blond, but I don want you damaging your hair ? Do you want to bring a change in the color of the hair with 3 tones, but I don want to cut your hair because despicariis ? Yes, it can ! Now everything is possible with Olaplex, a single ingredient that changes everything.

What is Olaplex ? This product is actually a really professional service, proven which is formed from 3 steps and that has an effect nothing short of miraculous in terms of hair care. Olaplex is used in the salons of the top, being the favorite celebritaților for not compromising the integrity of the hair.

Olaplex is a product developed by doctors in chemistry Dr. Eric Pressly and Dr. Craig Hawker who rewire the disulfide bonds of the hair that are damaged during service chemical, mechanical or thermal. He has no silicones, parabens, gluten or oils, and this underscores the fact that not harms the hair. In other words, he fix everything chemicals ruining.

Olaplex no. 1

It is a product that is added directly to the bleach or in the color after it is mixed with the oxidant. Olaplex no. 1 "cancel out" the chemicals from the paint permanent hair or even in bleach. Thus, you can enjoy a hair dyed or bleached without degraded.

Olaplex no. 2

The second product is used after applying and rinsing the color and let it act for 5 minutes. Then apply shampoo and conditioner and uses it as a quick treatment of hardening of the structure of the hair.

Olaplex no. 3

In the case in which the first 2 products have been used already, or even if you have not used Olaplex no. 1 and Olaplex no. 2, you can use the home Olaplex no. 3. The product is used once a week and help repair hair damaged.


The technique of balayage is very well known for being in great vogue in the year 2017. If you want to lighten your hair without damage you need to add 3.75 ml Olaplex no. 1 And 30 g of the powder decoloranta for Balayage. Mix very well, and the amount of Olaplex influence the strength of the oxidant used in the solution for balayage. For example, if you use an oxidizer 40 vol, a mixture of Olaplex will give the effect of an oxidant with a 30 vol and can be used successfully with the intake of heat to shorten the time of actuation of the solution.

The time of the act varies depending on hair types. Usually there is a standard which to delimit the period of actuation, but the period of actuation will be higher with the use of the treatment Olaplex. It can be used on extensions with Keratina, sewn or stapled or in the case of decolorarii for the scalp. Increase corresponding to the level of the oxidant .

Well, now the discoloration without deterioration is possible with a single ingredient : Olaplex.

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