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Making be noticed initially as a family business, Diva Professional Styling is a British company who design professional products for hair care at the highest standards. Diva Professional collaborates with the most prestigious professional salons around the world, the products being the favorite of many celebrities. Also, Diva Professional products are used in many movies of profile and in the TV shows, having a real success because of their quality.

Diva Professional is the largest brand in terms of sales in Britain, the products of which can be purchased in salons, but at home too. Thanks to a developed game for styling products, drying or styling, Diva Professional ensure always the best performance, being a leader on the market.

Diva Professional products have been awarded hair top salons, so that it always provides the best quality to ensure maximum performance.

Diva diffuser is specially created for long hair which needs more volume at the roots and curls good defined. It is equipped with a system rubberized grip, suitable for all dryers types.

Hair has never been so easy to sedate as now, with the help of a Diva Professional hair dryer that fits anyone, regardless of style. It plays a bright luster and long-lasting, flexibility and suppleness, without degrading the hair. Due to the generators 5 million ions/h, it accelerates the process of drying of the hair, making it easier for styling. The cleaning process is very easy, so that the product has a long life due to the fact that it has a grid of ceramics that ensure the ionization of the strands of hair. It is equipped with an ergonomic handle and a long cord of 3 m, 2000 W with system auto-shutdown when it reaches a temperature of 110 degrees C and also has 4 stages of heat and 2 speed, and with a button for cold air.

To get the most elegant and sexy curls, Diva proposes a hair styler that immediately satisfy any desire related to a seem more beautiful. The product is made to get the flexible and natural curls and the shape of its taper make it perfect for corrugations loose, having a diameter of 45 mm at the base and 22 mm at the top. The curler is made of titanium and is based on a high-quality technology which evenly distributes heat across the hair shaft. It offers you the opportunity to get a styling of accuracy due to the fact that the temperature can be set from 140 to 220 degrees C and also has a cap of silicone in the top of the rod that protects the fingers.

Diva has care products for men too.Diva Professional, a high quality meets all the needs for a facial care proper. It is equipped with a rechargeable battery, 5 precision blades in stainless steel and 5 combs adjustable which allow the handling of very ease instrument and immediate results. It is equipped with a compact charger, such as professional results will not delay appearing.

Diva offers a range of products that provide precision, quality, and high performance.

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