Divine perfumes for women divine

Divine perfumes for women divine

After a long time, the perfumes were born in order to cover unpleasant odors, but today they are the visit card of women, the accessory is more precious than jewels or coat. Outside of any, your sense of smell has the role or essential in the art of seduction because, according to specialists, your sense of smell has an essential role in the attraction or repulsion between two people. For any of the new perfume represents the symbol of sensuality, personality and style. If you choose the perfume according to the personality of your, you will always be feminine and stylish and will create a good impression on those around you. The scents that last the longest are the ones that have a concentration of 20-30%, and are maintained for approximately 8 hours. The water of the fragrance has in its composition approximately 18% flavor Naturala and it can maintain up to about 6 hours. Eau de toilette contains up to 12% fragrance, and is maintained 4 hours. In the following we will talk about the way the scent of you and about the right perfume depending on the personality of each person.

The woman independence

We must recognize that there are few women who have the power to be completely independent, and this is due to the fragilitații their. Still, a strong woman must do its going right through me your presence, especially via scent. Strong women choose the right perfume with hints male. Their individuality is often expressed through the flavors a little ințepatoare, as well as sandalwood, which are used in perfumes for men. These women have a yarn indrazneața and handle themselves in any situation. At the same time, they are safe on their power of seduction and don be intimidated by the opposite sex. Women in this category looking for men real, not guys immature and irresponsible. Eau de parfum Goldea Bvlgari is inspired by the gold and light and can be considered a tribute to the goddess of gold. This fragrance was launched in 2015 and represents the beginning of a new collections of the brand Bvlgari. Due to its composition oriental floral, a mixture of musk crystal, orange blossom, raspberry and bergamot, Goldea Bvlgari its going right through me presence since the first spray. In the same range, Jasmin Noir is a perfume dedicated to women strong, elegant and stylish.

I think its exactly as in the case of the shoes, the makeup, hairstyle and clothes, with some of the things we e good and others not. How many times have you happened to smell the scent of a friend and to admire it out loud, but in the time in which you will get with the same fragrance, like on your skin smelled different? This happens because each of us have a certain type of the dermis, and the thing that really give "life" of a fragrance is skin. In short: any fragrance I choose, his scent will be unique on our skin.

The woman folk

You e a person who likes very much to socialize and fit easily in any group ? You have a personality color, and you e the life of the party every time when you go out somewhere? Then the scent that you e known for is the one with the fruity scents. In general, women full of life and loves to socialize Im gonna go for perfumes with notes of sweet and edible, as well as the flavors of apple, passion fruit or cherry. However, the sweet smell should not be overwhelming, but subtle. Playful and fun, these women attract men by their sweetness, expressed perfectly through the perfume you choose. Try a perfume from Versace, Nina Ricci or Givenchy.

Woman sensual

Theres this category of women who like very much to out in the track, attracting the attention of the by sensuality. This woman is a "predatory" innate and often manages to conquer the men by a mere glance mysterious. With the moves of a feline and a unique sensuality, she opts usually for perfumes with hints of oriental, with hints of transafir, patchouli or musk. These flavors get drunk immediately senses and are loaded with sexuality, representing still a weapon of seduction in the arsenal of this conquering.

If you e a woman who likes attention and which is distinguished by sensuality, but mysterious at the same time I recommend the fragrance for women Givenchy Ange ou Demon Le secret since it has the most enticing and sophisticated flavors, capturing the freshness to floral.

If you have identified in some of these cases and you have decided to go to buy a perfume according to the personality, here are the tips that you need to keep in mind :

A perfume smells different on the skin of our summer before the winter, when for example we need a fragrance more powerful, because the cold reduces the strength of the flavor.

A don forget! The best time of day to buy a fragrance is in the afternoon, because then the sense of smell seems more intense.

On the day that you want to buy a perfume, do not use any other before, because it will interact with the one or ones that you will try, and so you will not have the flavor the exact the new one on your skin!

If you have dry skin you need to use a larger amount of perfume, the face of those that have oily skin.

A do Not rub never, never, never (and believe me Ive seen a lot of people doing this) the area where you applied the perfume, cause you will change permanently "?the bouquet?".

Apply perfume after you have showered and especially after you completely dry!

A tip that I think everybody knows, but which I prefer to repeat: fragrant in the areas most intensely vascularized!

A don buy perfume without to be tested on your skin!

A Flavor of the bețisorul of cardboard?the mood of the store is a neutral one and not the combination of your smell and the liquid magic.

It Is very important to know "to Porți" a perfume. You will not be at all appealing if you e going to gunk up those around you with your perfume. It is Important that only the person next to keep to feel a smell discreet.

It Remains your choice to decide what you want to inspire those around you.

A Due to the fact that the evaporation of the perfume starts from the feet towards the shoulders, the same will take place and the application, from the bottom up. First, your wrists, cleavage and neck. Optionally, you can apply behind the knees or at your navel.

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