Ecovital Professional

Ecovital is a brand that was born in Romania, being on the professional products market for about 20 years. Being in partnership with Thalgo, Ecovital Cosmetics provides quality products made with special ingredients, such as seaweed and other ingredients of superior quality. Ecovital product line extended easily and the products are promoted world wide.

All the time we are up to date with the latest products in the field of body care.  

From a wide range of products, Ecovital offers treatments for every skin type.

- Ecovital skin products are formulated for every skin type, no matter if we talk about sensitive skin, dehydrated skin, redness or wrinkles. In other words, mature skin requires special attention and proper care. Ecovital creams for mature skin has been specially designed to to firm skin and to restore its elasticity with the help of  dermal macromolecules fillers synthesis.

- Dry, sensitive or oily skin should be treated in a proper way. These different needs offer different solutions. Dehydrated skin needs hydration, and this happens by reducing water loss from the corneum stratum and by avoiding to apply harmful substances on skin.

- A sensitive skin needs attention because it behaves different in every season. Ecovital manages to regulate various issues, such as poor circulation or redness.

- Oily skin is adjusted with the help of Ecovital that succeed to reduce  sebum secretion. It closes pores and has a stabilizing effect, therefore skin remains smooth and matte.

A very important step in daily hygiene and in cleansing ritual care is cleansing and toning skin. What products would be able to complete this steps if not Ecovital products? They have the ability to remove dead cells from the surface of the epidermis, cleaning skin of make-up or impurities while allowing the absorption of active substances.

A firm, harmonious and beautiful body requires care, and going to the gym can take too much time. Ecovital comes to help women that are looking for a better body by providing body treatments, designed with precision and with the best ingredients.

For shaping, slimming and toning Anti-Cellulite Thermoactive Cream has a double effect: both thermoactive and anti-cellulite. Circulation improves, and the skin remains moisturized, toned and nourished.

Ecovital Professional offers the best solutions for body care.

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