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hand care and nail

The hands and the nails should be as well groomed as well as the complexion. It is often said that the hands reveal the true age, and in time, the skin loses its firmness, becoming more sensitive and more prone to wrinkles, spots or other signs of aging. However, many times your hands don get the attention that it deserves, so you have to follow some steps to get some hands young and some healthy nails.

  1. Protects your hands from the scorching rays of the sun and moisturize them
  2. Definitely, take care of the skin you e in when you expose the suns rays, but what about your hands? They need moisture to maintain supple and also from case rays strong sunlight are prone to wrinkles and dark spots. It is very important to protect them every day, so that, we need to use a cream with sunscreen, or try calling the natural ingredients that will moisturize your hands in depth. Shea butter besides the fact that they protect your hands from sunlight, the vitamin E in the composition to reduce wrinkles and skin roughness. With 15 minutes before will expose to the sun, don forget to apply sunscreen and apply it as often you feel the need.

  3. Take care of cuticle
  4. If your hands should be hydrated, your nails don be ignored in this regard. While you will hydrate the nail, not forget to massage the cuticles, the protective barrier between the nail and the skin underneath. Moisturize nails and cuticles keep that area more pliable and are prone to less risk of cracking which can lead to various infections. In the case in which the cuticles are too dry, then apply a protective oil and night time to give them an extra dose of moisture.

  5. Wear protective gloves
  6. When it comes to hand protection, the gloves are very useful in this regard because the hot water, in particular, can leave the skin without her natural oils, which leads to some dry hands and chapped. Also, the contact with various chemicals for cleaning can sensitize the skin and can lead to diseases such as dermatitis, redness or itch. A pair of gloves lined with cotton might help very much for your hands will be more protected in this way.

  7. Remove the nail Polish
  8. A layer of nail Polish on the nails gives them a look more pleasant and more beautiful, but the nail Polish doesn have left too long on the nails. In addition, the durability of a darker nail Polish to the color will lead to yellowing of the nails and thin them. Nail Polish is not recommended to sit on nail more than a week, so that, after a certain number of days, remove it with a little solvent, but without the acetone because it is more gentle on the nails. For as the nail does not irritate, and cuticles to not be affected, you can soften the a disc cleanser in the paint remover for varnish, hold it on the nail for 10 seconds, and then, through circular movements, slide up towards the top of the nail. After the nail Polish has been removed check to see if you have white spots on the nails, brown or all kinds of ailments and try not to avoid them and consult a Specialist.

  9. Thake care of the length of the nails

The long nails are more prone to rupture, such as these can accumulate also a lot of bacteria, while nails too short can protect properly the tips of the fingers. It would be best they must not be either too long nor too short, in other words, to be kept about 2-3 millimeters longer than the tip of your fingers.

Tips for healthy nails

- Try to not assault your nails for in the moment in which undo the particular lids or containers, using right and nails, they are damaged and also, very often loosen it up or build things with nails, and this is not indicated absolutely no because they may break more easily, it can peel off or scratch.

- Velvet the nails for them maintain the shape and health and to keep away the imperfections. It is recommended to use a fine nail file that does not harm the nails and also, it is necessary that they be cut regularly for like and nails they have their process of regeneration and restore in a certain time.

- Take care of the dissolved nails that you use for that after you choose to remove the nail Polish, it would be best to opt for a remover without acetone for that those that have in their composition acetone do nothing but dry the nail and to confer upon him a look wiped out, thus removing the natural gloss.

- Use a treatment for protecting the nails to avoid breaking them, to give them more a lot of hydration and last but not least, to protect them from possible scratching.

- Moisturize-you because this is very important if you want to have a beautiful skin or some healthy nails. The hair and the nails will also have a more pleasant layout, but water will help first of all the body.

- Eat healthy – it is a piece of advice that we receive from all sides, but is a tip really useful because if we want to look best, we first need to eat healthy, and for nails be kept it beautiful you need to consume more foods rich in biotin, such as cauliflower, avocado, cereals the whole or boiled eggs.

Treatments to maintain the beauty of the nails

For skin or for hair resort to all sorts of herbal treatments that give us exceptional results, but the same thing I could do and in the case of nails for that and they need a careful care. Below, you have a few treatments to maintain health and the beauty of the nail that you can make at home with extremely simple ingredients.

  • Mask with honey and almond oil

With the help of the composition of honey and almond oil, you can moisturize the hands and the nails. It is better to leave it to act for this the mask on the nail all night. In this case, you should wear a pair of cotton gloves.

  • Mask with olive oil and glycerin

For this mask you need a small bowl of water, a few drops of lemon, a little olive oil, and a little glycerin, thus so, the hands are held about 10 minutes in this mixture for an intensive moisturizing.

  • Mask with egg yolk, olive oil, and honey

This mask is ideal to strengthen the nails, thus, as all the ingredients mix well, and then keep the nails a bit 10 minutes and after, rinse with warm water.

  • Treatment with castor oil

This treatment is ideal for thin nails, which exfoliates quickly. Massage the nails with the help of this oil and leave it to act for about an hour, and then remove with warm water the excess oil. This treatment must be done about 2-3 months to have the part results on the measure.

Natural treatments to maintain the beauty hands

In the summer it is necessary to apply a hand cream to protect us from the scorching rays of the sun, but in winter we need a necessarily hydration because your hands are much drier then they tend to crack, and nails to split more often. So, below we have a few treatments that can be performed at home with simple and natural ingredients.

- Mask with honey and banana

Mash a banana and add some honey until when you get a thicker composition. Your hands should be well cleaned and even exfoliated, and then apply the mask. This leaves it to act for about 15 minutes, and then remove with warm water, and then apply a hand cream for moisturizing in depth.

- Mask with lemon juice, egg yolk, and olive oil

All these ingredients mix well until obtain a liquid composition, is applied on the hands, let it act a little 15-20 minutes, then remove with warm water. Don forget to apply the cream then, and this mask is ideal for the dried hands.

- Mask with avocado, honey, yogurt and olive oil

In order to obtain an effective mask for dry hands, mix all these ingredients until you obtain a paste, then apply on the hands. Let it act for about 15-20 minutes, and then remove with cool water or warm and last but not least, don forget to apply hand cream.

So, if the skin and the hair have need of masks and treatments to be able to be kept beautiful, no hands do not let more outdone. Opt for one of the masks above, on which to make regular basis, and the hands will look much better. Also, if you want to use professional products which have a higher degree of efficiency, go to Glemis on the favorite brand and choose products that will characterize you.

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