Good Hair Day is an Uk company, also known as GHD. The brand is the world leader in terms of tools and hair care products, they are purchased over 50,000 salons worldwide. GHD was the first sponsor in terms of the instruments to appear on the Victoria's Secret Fashion Show and appreciated by celebrities, such as Victoria Beckham, Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow and Jennifer Aniston.

GHD professional tools of the highest quality

Used by top stylists from all around the world, the GHD products have dominated the runways and magazines since 2001. Versatile and easy to handle, the styling products, the hair or the brushes of this brand improve the condition and appearance of your simple fact that you achieve perfection day by day, just by using some products that make your hair look as in the fashion magazines.
The best and most professional salons in the world use all the time like professional hair straightener, made waves or other hairstyles, the tools of a superior quality to those on the market because the hair will be more protected, will not degrade and will remain straight for a longer period of time.

GHD hair board is perfect for straightening unruly hair, to create spectacular curls, or for the most sophisticated hairstyles. GHD Eclipse hair board is designed for all hair types, glides perfectly and leaves shiny hair, without degrading. The temperature to reach up to 185 degrees C and straightens even the messiest hair. It is equipped with 3 sensors, patented tri-zone technology that prevents the degradation of hair, and the heat will be evenly distributed on the strands of hair, stretching it and smoothing it evenly.

Another revolutionary product which ensures guaranteed results is the GHD Platinum hair board, ideal for straightening, curls or hairstyles, but also for straightening bangs. This is used by professionals salons but can be used at home. The hair remains healthy thanks to the 6 sensors placed on the two plates that distribute the heat evenly. GHD Platinum reduces hair loss and keeps the color of dyed hair, giving beauty and shine.

A straightening and styling of hair as the book can be made with the GHD V Gold Professional hair board for all hair types, taming and smoothing curly hair in an efficient manner, and the results last a long time. With a spectacular and improved design, sparkly gold accents, GHD Gold Professional hair board slide smooth through the hair to spread, while the edges of her contoured help in creating perfect loops, for an intense shine.

In order to have access to the latest trends in hair and hairstyles, choose GHD.

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