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Skin care depending on the age

Tips from professionals for a radiant complexion depending on age

All women are beautiful in their own way to be. However, with age the wrinkles I tend to dwell on our skin, although we don want this. But even if you don have 20 years you e still beautiful to me because this aspect does not hold for age but by eating healthy, a sleep schedule of 8 hours of care per measure. All these factors greatly help the skin, and you can feel young, no matter which is your age. For the modern woman of today and for women of all time, the attention paid to the infrumusețarii and skin care is far from being a frivolous and meaningless. A woman taken care of is a woman who knows what it means self-respect and knows his own value. No one says that a woman is attractive only to 20, 30 or just 40 years. A woman can be attractive regardless of the years that he has. And each age brings a different kind of splendor and a different kind of beauty. At 20 years old talk of the beauty of youth and freshness, to 30 the beauty of self-confidence, to 40 the beauty maturitații, and at 50 years of beauty experience of my life. If the desire to be beautiful is the same at each age, not the same can be said about your needs skin. They differ from age to age and therefore the skin must be taken care of in a differentiated way. Heres how should you care for the skin depending on the age that you :

Skin care - 20 years

The more you were young, with both issues at the level of the skin are more minor. To 20 years still have not done the appearance of wrinkles, so you can enjoy freely the beauty of your skin. At 20 years of age the skin the skin is supple, young, free from wrinkles and the main problems that can occur are specific to the type of skin you have (excess sebum in case of oily skin, dry skin - dry skin, etc.) or those related to the appearance of acne. In order for the skin to maintain the appearance or healthy and shiny, it is advisable to consume minimum of 2 liters of water a day and give up smoking as this unhealthy habit accelerates the aging process of the skin. It is premature to use at this age the creams and products antiimbatranire, but you can opt instead for creams that have in their composition active substances with antioxidant such as vitamins C, A, and E or white tea extract, substances designed to protect your skin from pollutants in the environment. During the summer, you can protect your skin by using a sunscreen with SPF 15. Evening demachiaza you necessarily and uses a lotion of toning of the skin.

Skin care - 30 years

After you pass the threshold of 30 years, begin to appear the first signs of aging skin. Around the eyes fine wrinkles appear and the skin gradually loses the elasticity to feature. For the revival of the skin, in the case of a dry skin, are indicated creams with elastane or collagen or creams with properties moisturizing, with ingredients such as aloe vera extract, green tea or ginko biloba. Diet specify your skin you need to contain foods rich in vitamin A, B, C, and E. it Is said that in 30 years any representative of the fair sex achieve maximum femininity and sensuality. And its not just a word in the wind, recent studies come and certify - at this age you everything you want and it pleases the gentlemen of the right: the harmony of shapes, a style well-defined and the conscience clear as to the expectations. In short, a coming of age overall. The fact is that the complexion must be restructured, and the brilliance reactivated. The actives concentrated anti-wrinkle from a serum vegetable reduces wrinkles. Tests show that after only 3 weeks, as a result of the application of one ampoule once in 2 days, the face regains its beauty. For aging to be delayed like in the book, an anti-wrinkle cream night lifting effect bio smoothes fine wrinkles and deep, and reinforces in the night-time intercellular junctions at the level of the epidermeii. Use the nourishing cream anti-wrinkle cream, night with retinol Juliette Armand Nourishing Night Cream. The result? In the morning your skin is visibly refreshed. Attention! After 30 years the mask from powdered clay, combine perfectly with fall fruits and tropical. An intense hydration with honey and mango provides instant hydration, shine and life to the skin.

Skin care - 40 years

After 40 years you will have to take better care of your skin and use products organic and serumuri. You need honey, green tea, coenzyme Q10 and egg yolk. Experts in beauty insist on the use of serumurilor for the front. They help you to get all the values of a mask or a cream. The extract of sea buckthorn is ideal for the beauty of your skin. Due to the similarities with the lipids of the upper layers of the epidermis, the high content of acids linoleici (fatty acids, unsaturated), as well as due to palmitoleic acid (APO), the oil of sea buckthorn alba is particularly valuable, he while supporting the function of skin barrier and soothing the irritated area. In other words, using the sea buckthorn white, the skin will feel like its again in the summer. In addition, the high content of vitamin E protects the skin against drying and demineralisation. Use moisturizer Hydra Marine 24h Cream Thalgo. Because of the texture and its ingredients, this cream will ofei a look fresh complexion and diminish visible wrinkles.

What about a serum of active sea buckthorn, a cream for intensive care of hands with the extract of sea buckthorn or a body lotion efficiency and Organica on the basis of sea buckthorn oil? A plus of vitality and a relaxed look of the skin is welcome at any age. Invest in professional products, quality, and the effects will not delay to appear.

Taking into account all these tips you will be able to look as good as possible a long period of time. Don forget that the care has the most important role in your beauty.

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