Launched in 1952, Givenchy is a brand recognized worldwide and one of the largest on the French market because of the rich experience in haute couture, clothing, cosmetics and of course, flavors. This brand has created over time around 200 of perfumes for both women and for men, being an old house of fragrances because the first one appeared in 1957.

Perfumes for women are designed to express a wide range of emotions, which combines both femininity and boldness. They are located on the border between dream and refinement, and fragrances for men, launched since 1959 propose a version of relaxed and elegance that expresses dynamism, being intended in particular for the active people.

Givenchy for her and for him

Givenchy perfume for women expresses elegance, finesse, and freshness. Givenchy very irresistible is a fragrance that combined the elegant tradition of French style with the energy of the American style. With a pleasant smell by roses and anise, it was separated by the floral scents of the traditional, creating a style of vibrant , bright and exciting. Modern and irresistible, this fragrance was created from five types of roses. Such as beauty and self-confidence are obtained more easily with the help of the charming perfume Givenchy very irresistible.

The dualist nature, Ange ou Demon (angel and demon) reveals new feelings: mystery, versatility, and seduction. Her oriental composition plays an innocent attitude and sensual at the same time, with a freshness what is given to the notes of mandarin, white cumin and saffron, then open the way to the flower essences, such as the aromas of lily, orchid, and ylang-ylang. Also, the woody notes of rose and oak give the sensuality, passion, and freshness.

Givenchy Gentleman appeared in 1975, and his order was creating a masculine and elegant image, what exudes confidence at first glance. The fragrance is the embodiment of elegance, creating the feeling of trust and seduction, which combines vigor and character thanks to the tarragon and cinnamon mixture.

Givenchy is the expression of a French style, which has the mission to envelop the body and to express personality. The bottles of perfumes harmoniously carved and elegantly expresses the finesse and style, and the flavor is unmistakable.

Hubert de Givenchy and Audrey Hepburn have combined French elegance with American style, resulting in something creative, modern and sophisticated. The prints smell of the Givenchy fragrances is unique because it is addressed to the sensuality, refinement, and elegance, causing you to sink with the theme in woody scents and floral notes, that surrounds the body in mystery. Givenchy perfumes brand are the only accessories that you can wear them when you use them because it offers a spark of the divine that spoil body with voluptuous flavors to enhance sensuality.

The precious flavors, luxury linger long is a creative wide, original and with an individual character that creates a glowing fusion.

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