The Goldwell company was founded in Germany in 1948 by Hans Erich Dotter. The initial goal was to create a brand to ensure the beauty of the hair, designed specifically for the professionals in the salons. From the beginning, the company offered advanced technology and the effectiveness in hair care.

Over the years, the company grew because of innovation and dedication in discovering the most effective coloring products, and maintenance of hair coloring. Also, products have diversified, expanding in many countries around the world.

Amplify your creativity!

Goldwell products allow you to enjoy customized solutions to meet the needs of all customers. These products invite you to discover the unlimited possibilities, so the Goldwell Elumen range makes you more creativity, being inspired by the most successful professionals in the art of coloring.

Products in this range allow you to enjoy the subtle colors and delicate or on the contrary, intense colors and very bold. All of these depend on the choice of the individual, such as art and creativity are in our hands.

The Goldwell Elumen paint hair does not contain ammonia or oxidants and is beneficial for any hair type. This intense shine hair, with professional results, it allows the maximum brilliance, intense color, incredible durability great, but also looks extremely healthy.

From a full range of coloring, from intense blonde to seductive red, elegant brown and until dark shiny hair, there is range created specifically for men. The appearance of the men is as important as that of women, so, the range created for men offers colors that offer safety, such as shades of Gray Camouflage are the ones that will make you feel extremely good in your own skin.

Besides the staining, Goldwell offers care products and styling which are intended to provide a special look. Thus, the products dedicated solely to stylists and salons are the ones that make you achieve your goal and to get the color and shine desired. Besides a wide palette of colors, Goldwell put at your disposal a number of shampoos that offer a tinting more powerful, but also a proper care.

Goldwell Dualisenses Color Shampoo keep the color and shine of hair thanks to its formula that protects and cares for fine hair or normal coloring.

With a special formula developed that gives the shine, with pomegranate extract and antioxidants, the shampoo protects the hair from UV rays, gives a natural shine, protecting also and hair color, giving her such intensity.

Does not dry the scalp and is ideal for those who want to keep their color and brilliance in optimal parameters.
For an intense and spectacular color, Goldwell Semi-permanent is a perfect choice because it apply on your hair more dry, leaving it shiny, with a healthy appearance and grooming salon.

So, Goldwell is the brand that offers you quality and shine, without too much effort.

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