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10 rules for a beautiful hair

10 rules for a beautiful hair

Hair is much more sensitive to the sun, so the dry will become much more porous, and the fat will fatten much more quickly due to increased temperatures that will cause perspiration.

10 treatments for the hair growth

hair mask prepared at home

All women want long hair, shiny and healthy, so everything I do is to turn to different treatments that give the results or not.

10 tricks and tips for hair care

Tricks and tips for hair care

All women are concerned about to have a look more beautiful and for this reason appeals to different tricks or rituals of beauty for that hair care should concern us all.

A hair mask can solve all its problems

A hair mask can solve all

Besides the fact that a beautiful hair is always a clean one, the hair balm is a "must have" that must not miss from the kit of a woman, no matter if it is summer or winter.

About the masks and professional the natural for hair

Hair mask professional

For hair growth we always have options, but not all have a positive effect in this regard. There are many treatments that cost a lot of money, but I do not promise you miraculous results.

All you need to know about the hair conditioner

hair conditioner

Conditioner should be chosen and depending on the structure of the hair, so whether we have curly hair, damaged or deprived of vitality, this product to get us out of trouble most of the times.

Care of dyed hair for the summer

How take care of dyed hair

There is little time left until summer will come and as we all know, this year is wearing shades of red and blond. If you e one of the people who want to change their hair color before the start of the warm season

Care treatments for oily hair

Care for oily hair

Oily hair can be treated more easily with natural treatments, and professional treatments. The latter offers immediate results and have a degree of effectiveness much greater.

Causes of hair loss: solutions and treatments

Causes of hair loss

Very many women are faced with hair loss, and thinning hair are facing more and more people, whether it is about women or about men.

Change your hair color without damaging

Change the color of your ha

If you e one of those people who choose to dye your hair at home, Ill recommend a few tricks and products that will help you dye your hair successfully, but also to keep the color alive as much as possible.

Coconut oil for hair

Coconut oil for hair

Coconut oil is extremely well known due to its ingredients Nutritive that it has on the hair, on the skin, but it can be used in food.

Conditioners for the hair Wella Professionals Color Recharge

Wella Professionals Color Recharge

Technology Magnetic Color stores effective color pigments positively charged, they depozitandu in the areas of the porous of the hair in a sufficient amount to equalize and to keep the contrast of the multidimensional nature of the color.

Damaged hair, a problem solvable right

Damaged hair, a problem

Are you one of the women who are experiencing dry and damaged hair due to certain factors that you can give up ? Do you want to get rid of this problem but don want to you cut your hair very much ?

Discoloration without deterioration? Yes, it can!

Discoloration without deterioration?

You made the mistake to dye your hair brunette and now you want to come back to blond, but I don want you damaging your hair ? Do you want to bring a change in the color of the hair with 3 tones, but I don want to cut your hair because despicariis ?

Do you want to dye your hair without it damaging your hair?

Dye your hair without damaging

The hair needs special care, especially before or after the dyeing process. Many women want to change their hair color, especially now before the season starts warm.

Effective products against hair loss

Effective products against hair loss

Hair loss, deterioration or breakage is a problem faced by very many people, but this aspect is extremely unpleasant, especially when the hair is considered an asset of femininity.

Find out what hair color you favor, complete guide!

Find out what hair color you favor

Most of the women choose to dye his hair in different shades and very few of them choose to keep their hue Naturala.

Get rid of oily hair! Heres how you do it!

Get rid of oily hair!

Are you the owner of a fine hair, its rare and that fat immediately, and you can not get rid in any way of matreața ? You used several products, but not got any positive result ?

Give up the cheap products and choose the top products!

Top products from Glemis

Many women make the mistake of choosing some products trade, some cheap, some less cheap for hair care. Well, this is a very big mistake considering that the health of the physical appearance varies in direct proportion

Hair care oily

Hair care oily

Always know that the first impression is the most important. What do we do though when we have an oily hair and we cannot get rid of him ? Well, oily hair can sometimes give the sensation of neingrijire.

Hair loss now has a solution: Nioxin

Hair loss now has solution

Although it was a problem that faced men, hair loss has got to penetrate and among women in a proportion of 40%. In the case of men, this problem generates lack of confidence in itself.

Hair masks with castor oil

Hair masks with castor oil

So, castor oil is extremely beneficial and can be used both for beautification of the hair and skin, but also in the eating, so, professional products on the basis of castor oil

How care damaged hair

How care damaged hair

Their hair has a very important role in the expressiveness of a person. Sure all women want a hair shiny, silky, but especially, healthy.

How to care your hair dyed for an intense shine

How take care of dyed hair

One of the most important aspects after dye the hair is the protection of the hair, using special products for dyed hair.

How to choose shades suitable for blond

How to choose shades

If one day you pass through my mind to let you dye your hair just to keep at home to know that this process is not just a great science, it really is quite simple.

How to choose the perfect shampoo for your dyed hair?

care of dyed hair

How do we choose the shampoo suitable for the care of dyed hair? Dyed hair needs a delicate care and special-and keep the shade bright and beautiful more time,

How to keep hair color

How to keep hair color

Very many women choose to change the shade of your hair from time to time. Sure this is especially welcome as most of the times, such women gain self-confidence by making such a change.

Keratin treatments for hair care

Treatments with Keratina

A beautiful hair and strong is every womans dream and that is why it is need a special treatment to restore hair appearance or Natural.

Mania my for professional products

Mania my for professional products

Ive always loved your hair just the way he is. Although most women have “objections” when it comes to hair because some I have as while and would like to have curly or vice versa, I love my hair

Miraculous treatments for damaged hair

Miraculous treatments for hair

Every day we ask for the hair to the maximum, using the hair curler, usatorul hair, curlers or even hair dryer. All these things affect our hair, more or less, and diminishes the health of your hair,

Moroccanoil range Repair

Range Moroccanoil Repair

The hair is an issue that more and more women get to complain. Sudden change of temperatures has repercussions unfavorable on the hair and that is why it is necessary to pay much more attention

Myths dismantled In connection with hair Care

Myths about hair care

Some of the most discussed topics of the women are the tricks of the Styling that appeals to each of them. They begin to give their opinion vis-a-vis products or hair masks that I use

Nioxin, the perfect solution against hair loss

Nioxin, the perfect solution against

More and more people are today experiencing with hair loss. Whether it be about thinning, lack of volume or loss strategizing, this problem persist and give more and more headaches.

Olaplex help you in any change

Olaplex help

The modern women loves to look after and are attentive to the latest trends when it comes to “having style” in terms of hairstyles. We all know that the way in which is arranged a womans hair reflect the mood

Olaplex – the treatment that you fix your hair

the treatment that you fix

Olaplex is a treatment that can be purchased and home and allows them to all women to protect their hair from external aggression, such as appliances Styling,

Olaplex: new treatment-the miracle that repair damaged hair

Miracle treatment which repair the hair

This product has made havoc in the salons of America, and at the present time it is found in most of Europe, with amazing benefits because it manages to transform the texture of your hair dyed

Products for curly hair

Products for curly hair

People with curly or wavy hair are considered to be blessed to own this type of hair. For those who don know how to maintain such a hair, things can seem pretty simple

Properties of the olive oil on the skin and on the hair

Olive oil on the hair

The mask is perfect for people who are experiencing a oily hair or for those who want to have a growth rate of the hair more alert. With the help of 3 tablespoons of olive oil, a tablespoon of yogurt and juice of half a lemon,

Short hair or long hair

Short hair or long hair

If you have long hair and you want a short hair or if you have short hair and you want long, then its time to make a change. Most of the times, posesoarele a curly hair they want straight hair and vice versa.

The benefits of argan oil for skin and for hair

The benefits of oil of argan

Argan oil has extremely many uses, including in food. It can be used successfully as a dressing in salads. It is very good due to the fact that help lower cholesterol and prevents the occurrence of cardiovascular diseases

The best natural treatment against hair loss

Best Natural Treatment

There are all kinds of shampoos designed to combat hair loss, but in all this variety must choose the best, so we must consider a few ingredients that will help to overcome this problem hair

The best products for hair care

Products for hair care

Considering that hair is one of the most price Accesorii of a woman, it must be taken care of and maintained with treatments specific to each needs.

The revolutionary Olaplex appeared in stores

The revolutionary Olaplex

Notice that the hair is blonde and in the year 2017 a trend in great demand by women who like to be “out of the box”. Reading different articles on the internet we realize that the more people write

The role of the oxidant in hair dye

The role of the oxidant in hair dye

Oxidant acquired in commerce is ready prepared, with concentrations of 3%, 6%, 9% or 12%, which subsequently is mixed with a powder decoloranta until smooth.

The secrets of a gorgeous hair

The secrets of a gorgeous hair

No matter what look you have, how precious are the accessories or how good it looks the makeup, the hairstyle play a role more than important in the physical appearance of a woman as a hair care and healthy

Treatments for hair from the range Wella Enrich

The range Wella Enrich

Wella Professionals is a brand specialized in products for hair care, coloring and Styling that can be used both in the salon and at home. In what follows, we will stop at the description of the products for hair care,

Tricks for a hair with more volume

Tricks for a hair with more volume

The hair is extremely important for any woman, but nature has provided us all with a long hair and rich as that of Rapunzels.

Tricks for coloring hair

Tricks for coloring hair

Call often to tricks homemade for infrumsetare, but you never tried to do you dye your hair at home? It is time to learn to save money and time, just dyeing your hair at home and obținand

Wella Professional for a beautiful and healthy hair

Shampoo and conditioner Enrich Fine

Hair healthy, strong and shiny, which successfully cope with comparable repeated, periajelor or application of the products of Styling must be cared for properly with professional products of the highest quality.

What color of hair is the goal in 2017?

What color of hair is the goal in 2017?

In the moment In which we decide to make a change of our physical appearance, our mood improves significantly.

What haircuts are in fashion in 2017?

What haircuts are in fashion in 2017?

Specialists recommend to cut your hair once in a month or a month and a half to keep him as healthy. Short hair has been in trend throughout the year 2016 and it looks like this thing continue and in 2017.

Why I choose to I take care of my hair at the salon

Why I choose to I take care of my hair

Love your hair beautiful and healthy, isn it? Well, all love the healthy look and silky of hair. Not all, however, we can have some of these things.

Why my hairline at the salon of beauty

Arranging hair at the salon

Not all women choose to go to the salon beauty for the routine care. This reason is due to, usually, the situation materials, which is why most of women choose to save