Hair Brushes

The brush hair has always represented the basic tool in regards to arranging and maintenance of the hair. That's why women are tempted to invest money in expensive products when it comes to styling tools but neglects perhaps the most important aspect: the purchase of a brush appropriate for the hair type and hair length.

Hair brush helps us to have a neat, shiny and tidy look. A quality brush is made in general of natural bristles. From the multitude of brushes that we had available on the market, we must choose the best that fits our needs. The brush must be chosen depending on our hair type:

- A thin, fine and straight hair it needs more volume in order not to look devoid of vitality and to be hard hairdressing. This type of hair recommends using brushes of rubber, with soft teeth because this type of brush has a rounded shape, and the brushes are secured with cushioned rubber so that the scalp will not be scratched, it will be saved by an aggressively brushed.

- Curly hair requires special attention because it is more difficult to set up, and an improper brush can lead to a disaster hair. In the case of a curly hair, is recommend using a brush with rare teeth to be able to penetrate the air and to handle it efficiently, being also of thin fingers which pass through the shaft hair. These can take different forms and is used to gain volume at the root, for a layout as easy and allows a fast drying.

- For dry hair, dehydrated and picky because the inactivity of the sebaceous glands it is recommended to use a brush with teeth although of wood or metal. This brush handle effectively the strands of hair, it is ideal for fragile hair and is not aggressive with the scalp or hairs. Also, gives hair elasticity because the wood is a good natural conductor of heat, and the hair will dry more quickly after a shower.

- Oily hair is a problem faced by many women due to hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands. It is not recommended that this type of hair to be washed very often because these sebaceous glands will be forced to work much longer. To get rid of an unkempt and oily hair looking we have to use a wooden comb with rare teeth that won't break the hairs.


- Brush with bristles of wild boar hair is more expensive but is ideal because it will help to get the volume that you need. This not electrifies the hair, and the bristles though are a little rigid but not loading the hair, it stimulates scalp blood circulation. It is ideal for all hair types.

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