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The hair is one of the most beautiful accesoryof a woman and that is why it is necessary to be put in evidence how it can't be better. To attract all of the eyes it is necessary for the hair to have a bright shade and unique, and for that, there were created professional hair paints. They grant any wish for that will make your hair to look extraordinary, especially as they are much more concentrated than those of trade and have a degree of protection of the hair much higher. The hair dye is selected depending on the eye color and skin tone for the best results. Also, the professional paint will help you to open your hair with more than two tones because the pigment will penetrate deep into the hair shaft, which means that the shade will be of long duration. Wide palette of colors invites you every time for that the shades can be combined, and in the end, will result in a spectacular color. At the present time there is hair dye to any shade, and specialists have conducted extensive research to get a quality paint, that protect the hair shaft. Professional hair dyes are the most suitable products in case you want to make a color change.

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How take care of dyed hair

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Find out what hair color you favor

Most of the women choose to dye his hair in different shades and very few of them choose to keep their hue Naturala.

Hair dye Wella Koleston Perfect & Illumina Color

Wella Koleston Perfect  & Illumina

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How to keep hair color

Very many women choose to change the shade of your hair from time to time. Sure this is especially welcome as most of the times, such women gain self-confidence by making such a change.

Professional hair paint

Professional hair paint

The hair is the most beautiful accessory of a person, but also a seductive weapon, so its appearance must be impeccable if we want to attract attention.

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hair dyes without ammonia

Hair care and getting a the right shades can often damage the hair, so it is necessary to use more natural ingredients and avoid the ones that have so many chemicals

The role of the oxidant in hair dye

The role of the oxidant in hair dye

Oxidant acquired in commerce is ready prepared, with concentrations of 3%, 6%, 9% or 12%, which subsequently is mixed with a powder decoloranta until smooth.

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