Decoloratii are products used in the process of staining of the hair. They help in getting a uniform shades, so they are presented under different forms: paste decoloranta, powder decoloranta, oil bleach without ammonia, cream decoloranta and others. Decolorantii professional are designed to give your hair protection during the process of fading.

Before using decolorantii hair, it is necessary to test the product before so there are no allergic reactions and should not be exceeded under any circumstances during the drive. The bleach is not applied on a sensitive hair or one that has undergone a chemical process in the same day.

Also, before you apply the product you have to choose a room very well ventilated, and its preparation will be done in a bowl non-metallic. The bleach is applied depending on how much you want to open the shade, but do not let to act more than is indicated.

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