Lotions professional hair designed for all hair types to restore radiance and vitality. They are designed to handle efficiently the hair shaft, protects the color and fix split ends. That is not all for lotions for hair are specifically designed to combat the moisture to seal the cuticle and not in the last row, to leave hair more silky and with a look more fresh and healthy.

Whether you have a dry hair, dyed hair or fat, the specialists in beauty have taken care to formulate products of the highest quality to meet such needs. Hair lotion professional are intended to treat different hair problems. Lotions for dry and damaged hair, lotions for the hair, lotions for the hair, or lotions for oily hair, gives the hair that look pleasant and neat it needs.

Considering that are designed for all the needs of the hair, the lotion balances the ph value, moisturize the hair in depth, gives it more volume and protects hair from heat foehnului, creating a body and density to sustain the hairstyle.

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