Sprays of hair are those products that are intended to treat almost any problem of the hair. Besides the fact that they smell extremely pleasant, they are very easy to use and are designed for all hair types. Also, they correspond to the needs of the hair and with just one spray, your hair will become much lighter hair, more hydrated and with more vitality.

In case of oily hair, a spray that reduces excess sebum is ideal for as it will leave your hair smooth, soft and extremely silky.

Dry hair needs a spray which can give more moisturizing, so, it to repair and fortify the hair strands rebel and degraded. Besides the fact that these sprays gives the hair more shine, they make it more easy to handle, feeding on it in depth due to its ingredients antioxidant.

Spray professional hair are ideal because they give the hair more volume, accurate clamping, but also, they protect your hair from the damaging effects of of the external factors, such as heat emissions of appliances Styling or exposure frequency to the sun, cold or pollution. In other words, and dyed hair will be part of a care as to book for these sprays will highlight the color, and curly hair will give have the definition they need the loops.

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