Treatments for hair professional intensive for the care and treatment of various diseases of the scalp and hair. Treatments Nutritive, for colored hair, anti-dandruff, hair curled or degraded.

Professional treatments for hair have been specifically designed for the treatment and maintenance of the scalp capillaries, acting in-depth on strands of hair. Unlike commercial products that focus more on the surface of the hair, the professional products are designed to repair hair damaged by different factors of environment.

It's not just a cosmetic appearance and an effect of stylization on the short term, the professional products are Create with technologies specific to meet the needs of the hair. They will rebuild the hair, ii will give a moisturizing in-depth, smoothing and ltc, but at the same time, the hair will gain more volume, and the color will stay beautiful for a long period of time.

Professional treatments for the hair has the role

to penetrate in depth the strands of hair, acting on the inside of their structure, which means that ii will give the hair a reconstruction optima. They are very effective compared with products of the trade for that penetrate quickly and efficiently inside the cuticle, giving hair maximum protection.

Used both in salons and at home, professional treatments can give your hair the care that the salon due to the fact that are designed with ingredients that are very well-chosen. Whether it is about hair regrowth, about hair, about the dry hair or curly hair, professional products, and in the case of the girl professional treatments leave hair healthier and more shiny.

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