How recommend specilistii to stilizezi eyebrows !

Styling of eyebrows

All the women are turning to all sorts of tricks to be more beautiful. For this they are turning to makeup techniques. However, before we start a makeup, you should know how to care as well the face for the little details fill in and make the whole difference between women arranged properly and the less knowledgeable. It is said that the look of the eyes is the business card of the personality, so the appearance of the eyebrows is extremely important.

However, regardless of the trends that are proposed in terms of beauty, always women must know to choose what suits them. Pensatul has been a concern general in the egyptian, when kajalul was used for eye makeup and charcoal to accentuate the eyebrows. The TWENTIETH century proposes an amalgam of styles, from the eyebrows extra thin to Marlene Dietrich up to fever Working Girl dictated by Brooke Shields, fashion chaotic immortal Studio 54 or the non-conformism of stylists or models that promotes the disappearance of the total or oxygenation of the eyebrows. In 2017, the eyebrows are turning more than ever to an epic quest for the natural, probably the second or third time in the history of mankind when they give up on their processing. In 2010 the trends promotes naturalness. The shapes are simple, almost not at all stylized. About the proposals for the eyebrows on the catwalk are not a lot to say: extremitațile at all processed collaborates with shape thick eyebrows as has been proposed by designers for this year. If you e a follower of the fiery trends, you don have a lot of work the chapter did in this season.

In the following we will discuss the tips recommended by profesionisiti to get a look sensational. Here are the most important tricks that you need to keep in mind to get the eyebrows of envy :

First of all, you should know that the curvature of the mild, trimming or removal of excess are tricks that are still in trend and will always be. Pensatul go, of course, from an universal technique valid: setting the length of the eyebrows. For doing my eyebrows I have to keep in mind the 3 lines images on which experts you approach. Draw three imaginary lines: A, B and C. A is the line perpendicular to the upper internal corner of the eye and is the start point of the sprancenei. B is the imaginary straight line that crosses the iris and represents the start point of the curvature, and C is the diagonal line that connects the nostril and the outer corner of the eye. These are, of course, the coordinates of the base. You can choose to use concealer or a white pencil on the threads which do not fit into the imaginary lines to be easier when you start pensatul itself. Removes hairs as exceed these lines in the first place, to determine the exact dimensions, especially the length. Do yourself a scheme when you start bowing. Depending on the line B, decide how thin you want them, then cover the wires with a concealer, foundation or a white pencil. Look at yourself in the mirror. Are you satisfied with the result? Otherwise, delete the product and reorganizes your scheme. The bow does not need to start again before the extreme of the iris. In general, from the half or from the extremitați are the directions normal to the arc. The target is a triangle with rounded tip (to avoid a look that shallow).

Eyebrows are stilizeaza depending on the shape of the face.

The first half of the eyebrows will comb up, the second down, and the peaks that exceed the base will be clipped with a common crossbill. Why is it important to do this before and not after pensatul itself? In order not to remove the threads too long, but whose root lies in the basis of sprancenei, thus leaving gaps unsightly. You e not a follower of the haircut? Make sure you at least like theyve combed it before. And the wires above the sprancenei they can clamp it, but under no circumstances those that fall in the eyebrow, just the appearance of fluff. Form sprancenei can not draw from above but only from below, pensatul of the strands of the above affecting, in general, the arc Natural of of your eyebrows.

It is best to you e plucking your eyebrows after a shower prolonged or after a bath of steam, opening your pores and making pensatul less painful. Also, stretch the skin as much as possible and apply a lotion tonic cold. After you have finished the procedure, apply a cream healing, or simply a moisturizer.

Eyebrows are stilizeaza depending on the shape of the face.

In case you have the oval shape, the eyebrows do not have to be processed in particular as the face oval is the ideal type of face, so don overdo it with pensatul but choose a form uspr bent, and which respect the coordinates of the 3 axes. Face oval is recognized after the forehead wider than your chin, cheeks pronounce, but not very prominent, the chin ovoid small.

Face round is recognized after the appearance of relatively circular, face almost as wide as its length. In this case, the cheeks are more prominent and represents the point of maximum width of the face. In this case, the eyebrows should be slightly arched and elongated, without being too thin, thus imparting the sensation of length of a round faces. Exaggerate the arch and do not round up, let him sharp, while the lines forming the bow is good to stay straight. If it seems exaggerated, adopt the proposed form for the front of the oval, but avoid the shape of the eyebrow slightly rounded.

Front square is recognized after the mandible in the corners, and his forehead is quite wide. In this case it is recommended eyebrows thicker, pronounced to balance the jaw line. Eyebrows can be colored with an eyeliner to get the eyebrows rounded or curved, with a slight bent.

Before long they recognize after the appearance of the elongated of the chin and the forehead, the dimensions of these and cheekbones being relatively the same. The shape of the eyebrows should be shorter, slightly flattened to blur the length of the face.

After doing my eyebrows, I recommend using eyeshadow and pencils for the eyebrows. Use makeup in shades of light brown or dark, depending on the color of the eyes. You can use the pencils for the eyebrows from the Paese or blush in the form of wax Brow Setter Wax Shadow Light Brown.

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