Find out what hair color you favor, complete guide!

Find out what hair color you favor

Find out what hair color you favor depending on your type of complexion – Guide professionals

Most of the women choose to dye his hair in different shades and very few of them choose to keep their hue Naturala. When time takes its toll on how we look, we women, we have to dye our hair to hide the white threads. However, the trends serve as a useful guide when we have to decide on a certain hair color.

However, in spite of what you are wearing, you must choose what suits us to avoid cases in which the color of the hair we advantage. The skin is the main factor in the function which you will need to decide which will be the color of your hair. However, if you want to have a look sensational and do not fail in what concerns the color of the hair you will need to choose a tint that you put on the skin track and not overshadow more than is the case.

One of the simplest and best ways to discover your skin tone is you look at the veins in your wrist. If they have a shade of blue means that subtonul is cold, while if the veins are green means that subtonul is green. Sure there are women with subton neutral, I mean a combination between the tone of the cold with the warm, but these cases are quite rare.

Subton hot

Women who have subtonul hot have, as a rule, the color of your eyes green or brown, and the hue Naturala hair is golden blond, brown gold. The complexion of these women is in shades of gold or peach, olive with subtonuri golden and even with freckles. In case your skin is white-brown and has subtonuri hot can to play with a wide range of colors, from dark blond to black hair, as long as the greater proportion of the hair color is in the subtonuri warm. Suvițele chestnut are the most indicated, no matter if you choose a base of dark or brown.

Subton cold

Color of eyes brown, black or blue with gray are the signs of cold tones. In this case, women have hair Natural in shades of chocolate dark, brown, dark gray or bluish black, and the skin tone has subtonuri blue, pink or the olive trees. In case you e the owner of a white hair-brown with subtonuri cold will have you choose in the most part for the cool shades. If you really need to be blonde, avoid the blonde-red in warm shades, opt for tones cold, to platinum. Choose the shades of dark as cold. For brown hair you can opt for shades lighter and warmer, but the basis must be cold.

Pale complexion

The choice of hair color if the complexion pale have to depend on the contrast between these two. Women with pale skin should avoid hair colors too natural and would rather have to play with the nuances and to achieve a contrast between the color of the hair and the skin. It takes a lot of courage, really, to choose a shade warm with a pale complexion, but the color red put your best in value freckles and subtonurile of yellow.

Light-skinned is specific to women with light brown hair Natural or blond. It is a complexion quite sensitive to the sun, but shows no freckles and doesn have that aspect of Porțelan specific roscatelor. I will sit best with shades of blond or brown hair, but the redhead opened you will complete. In case your skin is open and has subtonuri cold you will have to use with confidence shades of blond or brown colder or warmer.

If you want to paint yourself in shades of red will have to opt for a color more warm, no matter how closed or open is the shade. Thus, your skin will not have the effect of a " trasparent ".In the case of this type of skin does not recommend the dyeing of hair in black or brown so that it doesn favor a pale complexion, but it can be an option only if the shade of brown is combined with a streak of light brown.

Complexion olive

Women who have oily skin olive you must opt necessarily for the hair in the darks so that they will best put in evidence your facial features. Lips and eyes are best put in evdienta of this color, but you have to have in mind that it can also accentuate imperfections, such as dark circles. Kim Kardashian may be the best example and it can be seen as chose a hair color with a few tones lighter than the dark, just to emphasize the perfect complexion olive. Complexion olive is specific to women, latinos and the creole.

Of course as a complexion olive can be a suntan of a woman with a white complexion. For this type of skin shades of dark brown, brown or black are the most suitable. A complexion olive associated to a blonde hair, no matter the hue, will seem completely unnatural and unnatural. For as the complexion olive, in general, offers shades of brown skin, whether its subtonuri cold or hot, you can choose any shades of dark brown, brown or dark hair. But, for a complexion olive, the most suitable color will always be brown.

Medium complexion

Some women have the complexion, I mean subtonuri cold. Women with this skin type can add a plus of warmth and give the skin a glow Naturala and a look beaming. If you have a medium complexion with subtonuri cold, should avoid colors too open, for that I will give a look wiped out. Also, you should avoid a color too dark for it will only emphasize the dark circles.

So, every woman needs to establish the skin type prior to paint. Also, it is very important to keep in mind the fact that they wear whats convenient for you, so you don have to hold the account necessarily of the latest trends in the field of hairstyling.

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