A fundamental component of hair is keratin with the 19 amino acids, so the main ingredient of the Joico products is keratin which has the role to maintain and to strengthen the hair, as a treatment genuine for their hair.

The range of Joico products maintains healthy and shiny hair, acting also on the brittle and lacking shine hair. Joico products help your hair even after styling, their effect is visible immediately, regardless of whether it is painted or washed.

However, maintaining beautiful hair for a long period of time, protecting them from styling products harmful or weather conditions unfavorable. The main purpose of the Joico products is to "dress" the hair and to keep customers happy and satisfied.

Joico professional Shampoo and Conditioner, put your hair in a pleasant smell, giving it suppleness and naturalness. The shampoo restores the original state of the hair, increasing its measurable strength and giving them a cloak of protection for the future. It is the perfect choice for fine hair and lacks shine, thanks to a cream-based formula which nourishes in depth.

This formula works exactly on the damaged areas of the scalp, completing instantly those amino acids lost, giving elasticity, strength, and shine, through a perfect combination of antioxidants, such as the complex of natural peptides, keratin, silicone, vitamin E and aloe. The Joico conditioner is the perfect choice for anyone because it contains a unique formula that leaves soft hair, rich and intensely hydrated.

For the best protection and repair hair, Vero K-Pak hair paint is the only permanent paint that rebuilds the hair shaft. This system, adored by many specialists in the art of beauty offers the results of intense color long-term. The mix of color in warm tones offers creative freedom amazing that determine the experience of a  vibrant state, through a unique formula, which restores maximum shine and a natural look, being the perfect choice for any type of hair.

New Joico LumiShine dye hair transforms your hair, giving it longevity, amazing shine, and guaranteed health. The hair will become twice as bright than before, 100% fed and hydrated, locking it away from humidity and external factors which could damage. Three simple steps for a stunning color: consultation, formulation, and implementation. The Joico dye hair has an amazing smell that is a perfect combination of molecules that help neutralize the ammonia in the air, as well as the special nuances of bergamot, iris, and sandalwood.

Bright color with Joico

Joico exceeding his limits on the day because it combines the power of modern science with his ingredients that nourish, protect and reconstruct hair from the cuticle to the cortex. All the products in the Joico range reflect genuine integrity and passion for healthy hair, exposing in the world a beautiful hair that flirts with science and technology.

The art of beautiful hair has a name: Joico


Joico products don't need any introduction for more than three decades, they take care that your hair look flawless. They are formulated by the best experts in hair styling and for this reason matching the best features.


Each product of hair care is carefully formulated to respond to the needs of customers and to respond to all hair types.

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