Body Luxe

Joico Body Luxe is a luxurious products range, perfect for fine, lacking volume hair. This range promises to provide the desired volume, enhancing the brilliance and intensity of color. Is based on a patented technology, Quadramine Complex, which increases the diameter of the hair without letting it heavy, thus obtaining more volume and a natural mobility of the hair. So, with the help of zero-weight Oat Protein Complex, composed and discovered in Joico laboratories, the hair will have more volume without making it gain weight. The Quadramine Complex ingredient contribute to the reconstruction of the capillaries fibres, leaving your hair healthier. The hydrolyzed protein from the oat is an extract used to intensify the density and volume of the hair, using an highly effective texturing effect. Last but not least, the formula contains amino acids from the oatmeal, which moisturizes and restructures, the mineral mica, which amplify the brilliance and silicates, which define the appearance of the cuticle. The hydrolyzed protein from the oat envelops each individual hair without weighting it, giving the indispensable vitamins and minerals for the hair.

The range is composed of the following products:
Body Luxe Volumizing Shampoo (300ml) - Shampoo that gently cleanses giving volume and flexibility to the hair.
Body Luxe Volumizing Conditioner (300ml) - volumising conditioner, protects and leaves hair easy to manage.
Body Luxe Thickening Elixir (200ml) -  finishing product which generates a hair full of volume and elasticity.
Body Luxe Root Lift Volumizing Foam (300ml) - root foam for maximum volume
Body Luxe Design Foam (250ml) - volume foam, increases the diameter of each strand of hair.

With the help of these products your hair will be part of a luxury treatment, and the result will be amazing: more volume from root to ends and exceptional shine.

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