Color Endure

Dyed hair look healthy, it is fresh and shines, but this effect does not withstand the test of time, and you can even alleviate immediately after hair coloring. What have you done about it? By using Color Endure range from Joico you will be able to keep the color for a long time. Joico Color Endure range is specially designed for dyed hair, meant to extend the duration of the color and to provide shine and brightness. This line respects the integrity of the hair, maintain color for longer and protects the hair against UV rays, the most harmful agent for dyed hair.

Color Endure is divided into two sub-ranges: one of these being specially designed for blond hair: Color Endure and Color Endure Violet.
Color Endure Sulfate Free Shampoo - shampoo without sulfates for blond hair, for daily use.
Color Endure Sulfate Free Conditioner - nourishing conditioner for blond dyed hair.
Color Endure Treatment Masque - this mask improves the condition of the hair.
Color Endure Violet Shampoo - shampoo to maintain the integrity of the blonde tones, gray or white hair.
Color Endure Sulfate Free Conditioner Violet conditioner for maintaining and intensifying the blond color.

The flavor of Color Endure range is a pleasant one, a mixture of scents from tuberose flower,  jasmine and violets, with the support and stabilization of the amber and sandalwood.

Together with the Color Endure products from Joico you will be able to keep the vibration of hair color for a long time, without suffering any change of tone. Your hair will look healthy, strong, silky, with vibrant color, but at the same time, easy to style.

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