Joico K-Pak is a brand recognized for the superior performance of its products, being an undisputed leader in the treatment of hair. The year 2007 represented a revolution in the industry of products for rebuilding and hair's protection by introducing the K-Pak Range. For the reconstruction of hair's structure, Joico uses the advanced technology of Bio-Advanced Peptide Complex, a breakthrough in the restoration of the capillaries fibres; with a maximum concentration of Quadramine Complex, a revolutionary complex who managed to unite the Complex of a Triamine and the Compound of the Triamine Cation. Joico K-Pak reproduce in its hair care products those peptides existing normally in the structure of the capillaries fibres, necessary for the fixation and protection of the hair subjected to external aggression. Each peptide is perfectly replicated in order to penetrate into the depth of the hair and form a protective barrier, which prevents any damage. This repair and reconstruction technology of the hair is considered the most powerful, an innovation of the future in terms of repair of damaged hair.

K-Pak Treatments rebuild entirely the structure of the hair regardless of its type; the levels of hydration are totally restored, and the porosity it is equalized on the entire hair's length. The products from Joico K-Pak range moisturizes the hair, close the cuticle, preparing the hair to rebuild and restore its Natural PH.

Joico K-Pak for weak hair is organized in three steps: care and repair, color protecting and styling.

Care of damaged hair begins with K-Pak Shampoo and Conditioner, continue with the newest method of reconstruction, repair and hair restoration K-Pak Deep-Penetrating Reconstructor and solve problems up to peaks with K-Pak Split End Mender (restore battered tips), K-Pak Liquid Reconstructor (a leave-in spray that restores the fine or dyed hair) or K-Pak Leave-In Protectant (closes the pores and restores the damage caused by chemical treatments).

The Joico styling K-Pak range  is composed of a few miracle products : K-Pak Protect&Shine Serum (ideal for shine and protection), K-Pak Smoothing Balm (a product lifesaver for coarse and curled  hair), K-Pak Thermal Design Foam (an incrediblestyling foam , which gives volume to the thin hair).

K-Pak Color Therapy aimed at maintaining color through the protection of the outer layer of hair's cuticle: shampoo, conditioner and an oil for styling which leaves hair silky, easy to comb, restoring its vitality and radiance.

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