Smooth Cure

The Smooth Cure range from Joico is the perfect choice for wavy hair, curly, unruly, dry, damaged and difficult hair. Smooth Cure is a long duration system of smoothing (72 hours smoothing) which is characterized by a patented complex, KeraShild, a unique blend of butter, tucuma oil, brazilian walnut, hydrolyzed keratin and Qadramine complex.

Wavy, curly or coarse hair is ordered with the products from Smooth Cure range:
Joico Smooth Cure Shampoo - shampoo without sulfates that cleans the hair while reduce puckering.
Joico Smooth Cure air Conditioning - balm without sulfates which effectively moisturizes the hair, restoring the lipid levels.
Joico Smooth Cure Leave-in Rescue Treatment - treatment that activates the heat, imitating the result of the treatments with keratin, tames the hair, it moisturizes and makes it pliable
Joico Smooth Cure Thermal Style Protectant - not only protects the hair against the action of heat, but it creates an anti-humidity shield, don't let the hair electrify or to curl in contact with the steam, heat etc.

Benefits from using the whole range Joico Smooth Cure:
- hair remains smooth for up to 72 hours
- frizz is reduced by up to 79%
- high protection against humidity for 24 hours.

Smooth Cure range provides hair the feeling of moisture, shine, smoothness and beauty.

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