Juliette Armand

In a period when everything is impersonal and industrializes, Juliette Armand decided to become a personalized company.  This becomes obvious not only from the personal devotion of its founder in research and formulation of cosmetics buy it is also proved by their product line. 

After some extensive research in laboratories, the specialists team from Juliette Armand have achieved a professional line with superior quality products, adapted to each skin type. Thus, these products are designed specifically to achieve the smile and confidence of each clients that use them.

Eternal youth with Juliette Armand products

Juliette Armand cosmetics offers a line based on innovative ingredients and technology. Excellent quality of ingredients, maximum safety and effectiveness are some of Juliette Armand principles. In this context, all the products are safe because they are paraben free. Products are based only on natural ingredients that don't affect the skin. So, Juliette Armand is a full line of professional products that provides a new method of care and beauty.

Through the use of these products, plastic surgery will not be a necessity because Juliette Armand successfully attenuates visible fine lines and wrinkles, making the skin more elastic. The strong mixture of peptides and ingredients that act by diminishing  fine lines and wrinkles, prevent the wrinkle appearance and also offers effective solutions in preventing skin aging caused by UV radiation exposure.

Juliette Armand facial treatments brighten skin, making it uniform. It stimulates cell renewal while it deeply hydrates skin for a healthy appearance . There are four steps to follow in order to achieve the best results:

1. Peeling - it helps the ingredients to: penetrate the skin, improve skin texture and  to remove dead cells;

2. Mask -  is applied for hydration and firming;

3. Serum - slows down the face contractions muscles, responsible for expression wrinkles. Also, reduce puffy eyes and prevents   elasticity loss;

4. Chronos serum - fills wrinkles and fine lines. This treatment contains a unique anti-aging complex and hyaluronic acid to fill in wrinkles and fine lines. This stage is followed by the application of the Juliette Armand cream which moisturizes the skin.

Juliette Armand products have a pleasant smell, a strong anti-wrinkle and moisturizing effect,  making the skin flawless. In case you apply make-up on your face, the skin will preserve her vigor and freshness.

The results are visible immediately: skin will become younger, more relaxed and with a natural glow.

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