KAY PRO is an Italian brand of products for hair care and scalp, with natural ingredients and with the latest technology, which leaves you a shiny hair. This product can be used both in the salon and at home too.

KAY PRO products are very effective for revitalizing the hair, it regenerates, gives more volume and fights against dandruff and oily hair.

Also, the products contain innovative ingredients that help the hair in any situation. Oil macadamia nuts, argan oil, honey, vitamins, keratin or collagen are just a few of the ingredients that contribute to the regeneration and maintaining the health of the hair.

KAY PRO for all hair types

Considering that the KAY PRO products nourish the hair, KAY PRO argan oil is perfect for dry hair, or fragile, being a nourishing treatment that enhances the brilliance of the color. It is applied on wet or dry hair.

Another treatment which has in its composition argan oil is the KAY PRO oil spray which restores and moisturizes dry or dull hair, leaving it shiny and soft. It is not greasy, it absorbs completely and protects the hair from humidity. Apply it on your wet or dry hair before styling for intense shine and hydration in depth.

All the KAY PRO range argan oil it is part the moisturizing mask and nourishing, with argan oil, which restores degraded hair, manage it, revitalizes and leave him easy styling, silky and shiny. It is applied to wet hair and distributes using a comb throughout the hair. Time of action: 2-3 minutes, then rinse.

A product as effectively restores hair from root to ends is KAY PRO serum with argan oil, jojoba oil, and sunflower oil which prevents the formation of free radicals restructures the hair and nourishes in depth.

KAY PRO offers shampoos for all hair types, such as iColori KAY PRO shampoo that is ideal for any hair type thanks to its formula designed to extract silk, protein in milk and wheat which cleanses the hair in depth, leaving it shiny and fortified.

Also, for a degraded seem, faded or yellowed, KAY PRO comes up with a solution, it is about the KAY PRO Anti-yellowing Shampoo with wine extract and protein of the silk. It restores the yellowed or faded hair due to violet pigment.


Blond hair will be neat now with the help of KAY PRO Brightening Shampoo which gives shiny hair, it gently cleanses and prevents oxidation. Shampoo annihilates the reflections of the yellow, making it ideal for gray or white hair. It is used immediately after shampooing and leaves it to act for 2-3 minutes, then rinse. Eventually, the hair will become more hydrated, shinier and silkier.


The argan oil is present in the KAY PRO Argan Treasure Shampoo that protects your dyed hair, chemically treated or lifeless. Due to the mixture of oils of argan, sunflower, and jojoba oil, KAY PRO Argan Treasure Shampoo leaves your hair shiny, soft and full of life.

So, the hair is reborn with the help of KAY PRO!

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