Keune is the brand of elegance and creativity. Worldwide hairdressers demand high quality and fashionable hair care products. This is why Keune has always been committed in creating quality hair care products. Keune’s principles have proven to be very successful. Their products are exported worldwide and more than 10.000 hair stylists use Keune’s high quality professional hair care products.

Step 1: Cleaning is done gently in order to prepare the hair for treatment;

Step 2: Conditioning: the hair gets nourished and the natural function of the scalp is restored

Step 3: Styling: the hair is prepared for styling products

Quality Keune since 1922

Being founded in 1922, in the Netherlands, Keune is the largest manufacturer of haircare products for the professional salon industry. Keune’s international headquarters, laboratories and factories are situated in Soest. This is where all Keune’s products are conceived, developed and produced before they are shipped in more than 70 countries.


Products Keune does not use ingredients of animal origin, this making it 100% vegan.

"Your future is our future" is the slogan Keune, which means that these products are made to meet the needs and desires of the most demanding customers.

Haircoloring products does not cause irritation and have a reduced risk of developing allergies. Also, the products from So Pure Natural Balance Ammonia does not contain ammonia and are especially created for people who suffer from irritation or allergies. Keune haircolor covers 100% grey hair, being long lasting, moisturizes, protects against UV rays and does not contain PPD (Paraphenylenediamine). The variety of colors gives your hair a pleasant appearance, having the possibility to choose for brown, red, blond or dark-haired shades.

Keune Shampoo cleanses the scalp, does not irritate the skin, has a pleasant smell and keeps the color of dyed hair for a long time. The results are visible since the first week because the skin of the head will not peel off like before. Even in the case of inclement weather, Keune products are ideal. Defrizz Shine Serum manages the individual strands and leave the hair healthy.

Keune Color Brillianz Conditioner is a nourishing conditioner that protects the color treated hair. It contains Solamer UV protector and Sunflower Seed Extract that protect the hair color. It also contains LP300, a color stabilizer that enhances the durability of hair color. The polymers and silk proteins make hair easy to comb, the result being a silky and shiny hair.

Vital Nutrition Mask is a nourishing and moisturizing mask for degraded hair. Active ingredients moisturize the inner hair structure while forming a barrier around damaged areas, restoring and revitalizing stressed strands. Hair is protected from dehydration, environmental damages and harmful UV rays. This luxurious treatment improve elasticity, soothes damaged strands, strengthens and adds shine.

So, Keune is the art of beauty hair.

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