Label.m is the official brand of hair care at the London Fashion Week. A range inspired by the fashion awarded and developed by stylists that aim to supply the creativity of professional stylists from all around the world to meet the needs of the most demanding customers. The brand was created in 2005, in London by Toni Mascolo and Sasha Mascolo-Tarbuck, these, combining the experience with the artistic spirit and developing, in the end, a new technique of styling innovative that summarize the latest trends in hair.

Label.m - Technology which ensures the best results

Label.m combine ingredients of natural origin and essential oils with a technology that ensures a beautiful hair both inside and on the outside. This technology has been created for the needs of all to provide the performance and creativity of the top and the flawless results.

Label.m products harmoniously combine art with science, being created with a technology that gives liveliness to your hair, but also with essential oils that nourish and moisturizes in depth. In 2005, at the launch, Label.m receive 15 separate products, but the collection was later expanded reaching over 80 products. Most of them do not contain parabens or sodium chloride, is intended to cleanse, to hydrate, to create and to complete. The innovative structure Label.m offers a therapy for rejuvenation, organic what provide went the hair, but a collection of light blond gives a radiant look.

The products of the Cleansing range cleanses the hair and gives it the balance it needs. For example, the Gentle Cleansing Shampoo contains soy and protein of wheat, vanilla, sweet pea and currant which stimulates the hair, giving it shine and vitality. Label.m Deep Cleansing Shampoo removes excess sebum thanks to the extract of mint, eucalyptus and tea tree oil naturally remove residues, and the wheat, soy protein, and bamboo strengthen the hair shaft. Also, these products are designed to protect your hair from UV rays and external factors.

Hydration and nourishment of the hair are achieved due to the Condition range that leaves the hair clean, strong and visibly healthier. Label.m Moisturising Conditioner with aloe, echinacea, and extract of currant protects the hair against heat and UV rays, giving it brightness, moisturizing and nourishing, thanks to its ingredients.

The range Created is specifically designed to protect and to create hair own style, giving it more volume. Label.m Curl Cream, for example, is a product that ensures personality to your hair, defining curls and waves, thanks to the jojoba oil, extract of bran and sunflower, which gives the hair a pleasant appearance, intense hydration, and protection against UV rays.

The full range adds a plus of style, grace products dynamic and high performance that ensure the hair retaining, extra shine and control wires of the rebel. Thus, the serum for the control wires, rebellious, Frizz Control Serum, thanks to a special blend of silicone, ensure maximum control and an intense shine your hair dry and degraded, improving the visible appearance.

So, a complete range for a complete care!