Malu Wilz

MALU WILZ has become a professional brand of international renown who use products of make-up for every woman who wants to step into a world of charming colors and conqueror fragrance, meant to put on the first place the beauty and to inspire imagination. 

This brand is a launching pad for different talents in the art of beauty because offer courses dedicated to specialized staff in this field.

The realization of a professional and innovative makeup

With the help of a wide range of colors, makeup has become an art on that, but don't conquer anyone if not has products designed specifically to put in value the beauty. MALU WILZ products offers a superior quality for a perfect fit on the complexion of each person, such as any skin is beautiful if it is being properly cared for. If our skin looks good, we feel good, and for that we need professional products of care that highlight all the beautiful features we have.

The perfect cover is done with the help of the MALU WILZ Camouflage that is intended for all skin types: bleached, pigmented, acne or skin that looks scarring, blemishes or tattoos. Waterproof and dermatologically tested, this product is suitable for sensitive skin. 

Also, the camouflage cream comes in a small container and due to the consistency, it dries quickly, with a texture in the form of a paste. Coverage is amazing, and the resistance also, so this cream stay on your face throughout the day, especially if it is fixed with the help of a powder. Camouflage cream is waterproof and ideal for all skin types. 

The mode of application is quite simple, so after the daily routine of care, using a spatula take a small amount of camouflage, mix in the palms of the hands, and with the help of a latex sponge wet, apply evenly, blurring to the extremities, then apply the powder with the aid of a brush for fixing the product. This product is found in 8 different shades and is essential for every moment of the day when you want a perfect cover. Has a degree high of coverage, and the product is consume hard, so being very economical.

The fluid foundation based of hyaluronic acid manages to cover perfectly the wrinkles, thanks to its ingredients, such that after use, the complexion will look perfect, not at all loaded and hydrated. It is intended for even sensitive skin, the one with rosacea, scars or acne, with a big cover enough.

MALU WILZ corrector pencil is rich in essential oils, instantly fade the impurities, spots or regions that need to be covered. Having a light texture, it manages to satisfy even the most demanding guests as it offers a matte appearance and reduces excess of sebum. The pencil is designed specifically for the eye area, giving it full brightness. MALU WILZ powder is specially designed for dull skin greasy or mixed because it removes the appearance of oily skin.

So, for a color and beauty world, MALU WILZ products are recommended. The seductive lipsticks, pencils for the eyes or the concealer, as well as the products mentioned above, represents the ideal choice for both the daily ritual of care, as well as for the most exclusive events.

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