Maria Galland

Maria Galland brand shows us a world of beauty and care for body and soul. In another order of ideas, a true kingdom of youth which treatment custom blend harmoniously with the best results. This brand contains treatments that pamper you from head to toe, with unique treatments specific to the needs of each person.

Maria Galland was a French woman in step with the fashion of the beginning of the 60s. With a dermatologist discovered together a unique concept to the skin to keep it visibly younger, setting the standard of care of beauty.

The skin is a mosaic of diverse needs

Maria Galland brand treatments are intended for each area of the body. At the moment, over 10,000 beauty salons use Maria Galland products, in over 40 countries. So, through tradition, innovation and persevered, Maria Galland becomes one of the most modern companies in the cosmetics industry.

So, products include a line of sunscreens, a range of make-up, a line of treatments, and a range for men. In other words, Maria Galland cosmetic products transport you into the world full of peace and relaxation to enjoy the mind, body, and soul, managing to make us forget everyday problems.

Maria Galland essences are among the most coveted in the world thanks to the precious black oil orchid, combined with oil and macadamia nuts that allow skin to regenerate immediately. Thus, the skin will gain an exotic beauty, leaving it soft and smooth. These oils protect the skin against external factors, and the extract of hibiscus, the argan oil, fatty acids and the complex consisting of five aromatic flowers oils help to prevent wrinkles.

These essences are perfect, especially when it comes to travel because protects the skin against of the harmful factors. Their application on the face, neck and décolleté, morning or evening make wonders for our skin, helping it to regain vitality and elasticity.

Maria Galland products are ideal because are

the best solutions to the requirements skin for over 30 years, being a true elixir of youth. Sensitive and dry skin it will not be a problem because the products of the range for the complexion offers the best care, do not irritate the skin, but also purpose skin moisturize.

Maria Galland treatments offer optimal solutions for every skin type. Some of these treatments consist of shaping masks, specially made from careful ingredients selected that offers revitalization and shine, dampen easily the signs of fatigue.

The brand live up to the expectations all persons because it includes treatments for every area of the body, such as all your senses are pampered, leaving you feeling of total relaxation, comfort, and wellness.

Maria Galland treatments for body offers solutions to the needs of each skin type, anti-cellulite products, hydration and feeding and products that offer a complete relaxation, inducing a state of wellness.

Products can purchase online, at affordable prices. So, a range of products supplement which revitalizes, nourishes, relaxes and rejuvenates the skin.

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