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Moroccanoil, a luxury brand, has launched in Romania and England, the only European countries that enjoy the privilege of  Moroccanoil Body Line. This range contains 9 products specifically dedicated to  body care, having the same precious ingredient: the Argan oil. All products contain 100% natural ingredients, does not contain parabens and has a delicate fragrance with the signature Moroccanoil scent and orange blossom.

The 9 Moroccanoil Body Line products available in Romania, infused with Argan oil are Dry Body Oil, Intense Hydrating Treatment, Body Buff, Shimmering Body Oil, Body Souffle, Body Butter, Pure Argan Oil, Hand Cream and Cleansing Bar. E

1. Dry Body Oil - has a gentle formula that quickly absorbs to lock in moisture, while soothing dry areas and improving skin texture.

2. Intense Hydrating Treatment - is an oil that transforms and nourishes even the driest skin.

3. Body Buff - with the natural orange peel and argan oil, has an innovative formula that stimulates, revitalizes and smooths skin.

4. Shimmering Body Oil - moisturizes and revitalizes dry, lifeless skin, while mineral shimmering pigments give you a glowing skin for a radiant look. 

5. Body Souffle Cream - leaves skin smooth and velvety.

6. Body Butter - an emollient mixture rich in Argan oil and Argan, Shea, Cocoa and Mango butter- deeply penetrates skin to provide skin moisturizing and regenerating.

7. Pure Argan Oil - 100% Natural. Head to toe moisturizing oil.

8. Hand Cream - a luxurious formula infused with Argan oil that deeply moisturizes dry, cracked hands.

9. Cleansing Bar - moisturizes the skin while it cleanses. With a delicate smell of orange blossom.

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