Nded is characterized by a wide range of  products of the highest quality, at an extremely advantageous price. Whether you want to go to the salon or you choose to procure their own Nded products, they are designed beauty nail each person. Nded products are manufactured in Germany, certified and used throughout Europe. They are available in a wide range, specialized for each stage of nails care.

Perfect manicure and long lasting

Gel nails are in trend for some time now because it offers the advantage of having a perfect manicure with a natural look and a special glow that cannot be obtained by applying a simple nail polishes. Gel nails can be worn both long and short, providing a pleasant appearance what shapes the personality.

The manicure is the mirror of a person and regardless of status or culture, it must be taken care of properly. To save time in redoing the manicure, the thing that can happen at least two times per week for as there is the disadvantage that the nail Polish to removes, Nded offers a solution of which should be to seize all the women. Nded Gel UV 3/1 is made specifically for the construction of the nail, being transparent, and this allows the realization of different patterns on the nails, the prints, the french or you can opt for a natural look.

UV gel is designed for application to the nail, having an average density and can use both at the tips, and with a template. It dries quickly to the lamp, about 2-3 minutes, but drying time varies depending on the capacity of the lamp. It also uses layers of gel - based or construction.

The advantages of UV gel nails:

- Are more resistant than natural nails that do not grow enough, or exfoliate, or breaks. Gel nails are an alternative to having beautiful hands and a neat manicure;

- Long nails;

- Varied designs - gel allows the achievement of outstanding designs, being made a true art of color and patterns;

- Ensure the desired shape;

- Broken nails can replenish with ease, thanks to this gel.

Nded UV gel it can be applied both on natural nail, on tips or extensions, does not create the burning sensation and most importantly, do not yellow the nail. Also, the color palette is quite wide, and with a little talent and creativity, can achieve a real art on your nails.

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