With a big success in America, Olaplex expanded the product range in many other UK salons. Therefore,  this magic product acts from the outside to the inside of hair strands , the result being a deeply repaired hair. Many celebrities used this beauty trick in order to save their degraded hair, one of the well-known stars being Kim Kardashian. She claimes that she saw a notable difference in terms of hair structure. 

tratament Olaplex pentru par

Olaplex - as we all know, our clients want dyed or bleached hair, without any damage.

Olaplex can be used in many ways. You can add it directly in the hair color, you can use it as a treatment, or you can apply it before styling.

Olaplex - the Story begins like this: the founder Dean Christal, curious to understand how damaged hair can be repaired, together with his team consisting of chemists, has introduced a new revolutionary molecule in beauty industry. 

Would you like to imagine that hair damage and breakage could be reduced with just one product? Well, if you were skeptical until now, we would like to introduce you Olaplex. The story begins like this: the founder Dean Christal, curious to understand how damaged hair can be repaired, with the help of his exceptional chemists team, introduced a new molecule that was not in the beauty industry until now. 

 Especially formulated for chemical treated hair, Olaplex has the ability to restore hair health  and it is suitable for all hair types. The hair strands structure can be fixed in the comfort of your home  with the help of these products.

 All we know that bleached dyed blonde hair needs a lot of attention and care, being brittle and hard to maintain, but by using Olaplex products this problem won't persist. 

These products have revolutionized the hair dye services have quickly become the best hair stabilizers for colored hair. The Olaplex system will restore you hair full health, being recommended by the greatest hair-styling and coloring specialists.

Have you ever wondered why the best hair salons talk about Olaplex as being the best hair care product ? Because Olaplex is the most recommended system for hair repairing and the results are noticeable from the first use. The results are incredible because it offers color transformations while it repairs the damaged hair. 

Olaplex is suitable for all hair types? Actually, it is: 

Suitable for all hair types;

∙ Has the ability to repair damaged, thinned and brittle hair;

∙ With the help of this miracle product, you'll be able to choose the most inspiring color transformations.

 How Olaplex works?

It is applied in the hair coloring process, the result being a healthy, undamaged hair. In other words, it improves and regenerates hair structure, therefore in the coloring process hair does not suffer any degradation. The three stages treatment can be applied as a simple mask. 

So, for a colored hair and for a deeply repair of degraded hair, Olaplex is the solution!


Olaplex - the revolutionary hair treatment, offered by Glemis.com

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